When Life Asks More Of You

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Seems like the reveries of life hold so much of your time. The worries, the priorities, duties, and responsibilities are consuming yourself each and every day. The weight of the world feels like it is over your shoulders, between your breaths, inside your chest.

Truth be told, as we grow older, life is teaching us about things we don’t understand when we were younger. Things we didn’t put on so much attention and importance. As we mature, as we learn more about life, as we travel our own journey, as we fight our own beliefs and battlefields, as we move along and go on our own chosen path and way of living, the more we understand that it’s not always about the complexity and perplexity of life, sometimes it is also about enjoying those little simple things that surround us mostly unnoticeably, unknowingly.

Living this life can be exhausting, so it is okay to lay down on your bed for the next couple of hours. It is okay to relish the comfort of being under your blanket because you’ve had a long day at work. Freeing your mind from random thoughts and what ifs helps unload the heaviness. Just close your eyes from the world. Let those thoughts go and wander on their own. You deserve to have a piece of mind, a serenity, a break from life once in a while.

Life is not easy, so learn to rest when your soul needs to. We have to accept the fact that we can only do so much, we can only try and do our best but if it is not enough, then the only one thing left is to let it be. We became too tired of holding on and fighting for what we don’t want to let go. We always want answers, we always want to know what is and we always want to find clarity but we know, things like this aren’t made easy. So learn to rest too, learn to pause, learn to stop by for a moment. We are only human and our capabilities are limited and finite.

Life is expensive, so learn to invest in yourself. Go buy those new pair of shoes that you really wanted, go out and order those sets of food that you want to try for so long, go and watch movies even if it’s just you alone, go and travel too, have the opportunity to know what it feels like to set your foot on a foreign land, walk along and breathe out.

Life consumes your time, so know how to pause and live in the moment. Sometimes we are packed with so many anxieties and questions that we forgot to stay still. In the end, we will be swinging back and forth and eventually, you might lose your sanity. We are too busy living that we forgot how we can live fruitfully and worthwhile.

Remember, life can be very demanding. Life will ask you a lot, life will require you to do more, see more, hear more and feel more. Life can be tiring but at the end of the day, we still need to live with it.

But keep in mind to value yourself. TC mark

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