Those Whom We Chase Are Not Ours To Hold

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Max Rovensky / Unsplash

Tell yourself to rest. You need time to let things be the way they are right now. Save yourself and do nothing. Save your strength and keep yourself from thinking too much. Let your mind rest, let your soul feel a bit of peace and have a little break. Just sit back, close your eyes and let time just pass by.

You are allowed to let go. It is not because you are not strong or you are not brave. It is because you know that there are no more reasons to keep yourself from standing still. So choose to let go and free yourself from the haunting pieces of yesterdays. You are allowed to let go of those hands that keep you waiting, keep you thinking if you can be enough or not and keep you uncertain about where you stand in their lives. You are not bonded to be left hanging, guessing and doubting.

You are allowed to never look back. Tell yourself once in a while that it matters to leave things when you know they will not make sense anymore when you know that you have done so much and they are still asking for more. It’s fine to never give any second look and just letting your eyes close as you continue walking your path away. It’s okay to shrug off those what-ifs clinging on your chest. It is okay not to look back from that someone who never gave you any ounce of self-belief, trust, and genuine affection. It’s fine not to have a glimpse of their face, their smiles, and stares. You are allowed to turn your back and never look again.

You are allowed to give up. It’s not about the strength of holding on. It is not about how far you traveled on your way or how much you have sacrificed. It is about how you give up from knowing that you have nothing to regret because you know you did your best, you’ve done your part and you fought for what you know you deserve. So do not fear if you will be the one who will draw the conclusion, do not be afraid to be the one who will say it is over. Your strength for giving up tells about how brave you are from knowing what is your worth and you are not okay on settling for less.

You are allowed to forget. Embracing what life has to offer is what matters. Forgetting means you are ready to take the new beginning and courageously facing things that may come along your way. It is about choosing to leave the pain, the confusion, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the deep scars, and the broken promises.

You are allowed to move on. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a place where you will eventually lose your entirety. It is okay to get going and pick yourself up once again. Remind yourself thousand times and over again that you are not just someone’s almost or second option. Don’t ever let yourself feel that you are better for less. Continue to battle life, continue to walk on hard roads, continue to live even if it seems like it is unfair, it is unreasonable, it is not worthwhile. Life will have endless tomorrow and so are you.

Know that most of all, those whom we chase are not ours to hold. TC mark

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