Please Tell This To Yourself Once In A While

woman standing near wall
Brad Lloyd / Unsplash

You are special. You will always be the one worth the time and the littlest of all effort. Your kindness definitely radiates your entire being. Your simplicity is what makes you unique. Your strength, your courage, and bravery will always define how strong you are as a person— so never feel you’re inadequate and better for anything less, never thought you are unloving, unworthy, undeserving because who you are and what you went through are a testament of how tough you are as a person.

Selfless— this is what you are and yes, the world needs more of you. The world needs more of someone like you who genuinely loves without any ounce of judgment and false findings. The world needs someone who knows how to help without even being told to. You know how to value people and treasure them.

Tough— I know this is the best thing that describes you. With all the hardships and difficulties you went and going through, you still stand proud. You still choose to walk even when paths seems unknown, you continue to strive even when things get so perplexing. You still fight the best battles of life and manage to overcome them. Always remember that people will leave you but it doesn’t mean it’s your fault.

Love—this is what you are made of. This is what your life is about. Your heart loves freely and it never asks for anything in return, it’s still loving in spite and despite of anything. A tougher heart doesn’t mean you have the ability to tolerate the pain but it means you have the ability to out stand it. I admire your love, absolutely. I admire it because it keeps on loving even if it’s worn out into pieces, even if it seems like it’s hard to pour it out, even if it is running out of reasons.

You matter. In case no one told you this yet. Remember that you are created wonderfully and fearfully. Never doubt your potential. Ourselves are endless discoveries. Never give up.

Never. TC mark

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