60 Things I’ve Learned At 18 Years Old

I was sitting in my room watching CW’s The Originals and this chick was dying at 16 and said she lived everything she needed to live through and I thought what the fuck is her problem; I’m 2.5 years older than her and I would not be saying that, swerve with that shit. I still haven’t experienced all that is needed to be experienced: 
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1. If you want your skin to glow, slap on some full fat plain yogurt.

2. Not everyone is going to like you and you have to be okay with this. You don’t like everyone you meet. Get. Real.

3. Feelings fade. They are absolutely temporary. This goes both ways-for the good and the bad. Realize this, truly realize this. And be okay with it.

4. You can only get an A if you study. People who say they don’t study but still get A’s are lying TO YOUR FACE. Assholes.

5. Cultivate and nurture your talent even if it’s something outside forces cannot stand.

6. That boy you’re crushing on will most likely like you back if you tell him.

7. If he adjusts his clothing or his hair when he sees you-he’s interested…pursue him if you wish-you deserve someone who chooses you.

8. Keep your room clean to keep your mom happy which will in turn keep you happy.

9. Forgetting deodorant will suck so don’t forget it.

10. If you feel dark..wear dark colors, paint your nails dark..let the world know silently.

11. Sometimes, guys mean the things they say and sometimes they don’t. It’s up to you to choose whether or not you believe them and suffer the consequences whether good or bad later on.

12. Being afraid will get you nowhere, realize this.

13. If you bring it to the microscopic level, nothing in this moment is wrong with you-cherish this fact.

14. Everyone is selfish-including you, altruism is fictitious.

15. Selfishness is not a bad thing-putting yourself first is not a bad thing.

16. There is a right time to move on from a past love and that time is this: when you can look at a guy you’re interested in and not compare him to your past love because your past love is where it should be: in the past.

17. Don’t wash your hair every day.

18. Hell, skip a day of showering if you’re not going anywhere-let your skin soak up its natural oils before you wash it away.

19. Drink your coffee black.

20. The secret to looking put together every day is to only own clothing that allows you to look put together every day.

21. There’s nothing wrong with eating until you need to unzip your pants.

22. Drink your tea in the sun.

23. Mornings are good-even cranky morning people can recognize this.

24. It’s okay to be taciturn.

25. Don’t let the color of your skin make you feel less than.

26. He did not leave you because of your race he left you because he is unworthy of your love and he knows it and did you a favor.

27. There is nothing that can prove that karma exists-bad things that happen to you just happened and good things that happened to you just happened. Some kind or sinful act you’ve done did not result in your current state. Deal with it.

28. There is nothing that can prove that karma doesn’t exist-be good and do good but do not expect reward in the future for your current actions.

29. Be wary of dangerous chemicals lurking in your beauty stash.

30. The 2 best musical therapies come from Matt Costa and She & Him.

31. If you don’t feel comfortable get out of the situation.

32. It’s fine to marinate in misery.

33. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

34. Your ex love found someone new to love but you haven’t and that’s ok because you will soon find someone new to love and be so grateful that your ex love is your ex love.

35. Show your body off while you’re young and show it to as many people possible so they can embrace it WITH you not FOR you.

36. When a boy asks his friend if he thinks your cute and turns around to look at you and shakes his head ‘no’, realize that boys like him are the reason why modern optometry has happened.

37. Flip through fashion magazines carefully.

38. The environment does matter just recycle that plastic water bottle already.

39. A hearty laughter will cure you of about 48% of your pain.

40. Keep joking.

41. Get a non toxic pen and write “joy” on your wrist until you’re old enough to get it tattooed. The reasoning? Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water molecule experiment. Say good things to yourself and you too will become good from the inside out. A tattoo will be your daily reminder because even when you’re 80 you’ll need to remember this. Joy.

42. If you’re going to love-love with all your entire body. Not just one foot.

43. 80% healthy 20% indulgence.

44. If working out stresses you out don’t do it.

45. Don’t let your ego get in the way of accepting help.

46. Don’t change for him.

47. Don’t settle for him.

48. Picking at your pimples just makes them worse so just don’t do it it’s not worth it in the end.

49. Your parents are just confused about everything as you are.

50. If he ever sexually offends you even if you can understand that  he didn’t mean it, leave him just leave him.

51. Question everything.

52. Relationships (romantic, friendship, and familial) are HARD-don’t invest energy in any of them that cause you pain even if at one point you loved it.

53. If they say you’re too cynical, give them your middle finger.

54. If they say you’re too happy, smile at them.

55. If he leaves you because of his ego well he was never worth it anyway.

56. Religion is good for one thing: showing gratitude towards something.

57. Don’t let your own values limit your experiences.

58. Helping people is not necessary and not helping people doesn’t make you less kind, less understanding, etc.

59. Love is not rare-love is everywhere with an open heart. People who say that love is rare have a closed heart.

60. Only self-love will complete you. Only then is when you will be able to perform well in a romantic relationship because you will be sharing yourself with someone — so they can celebrate you with you, and you can celebrate them with them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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