The Things I Didn’t Say While I Was Falling For You

The Things I Didn't Say While I Was Falling For You
Tim Stief

Falling for you only took one night.
And my love, it still feels like the first time every time I think of you.
If I close my eyes, all I see is that hard beautiful look from across the room.
Silhouettes moving around us, and still I can’t keep my eyes off of you.
Oh boy, I bet you saw that hunger in my eyes, didn’t you?
One last look in your direction was all it took me to realize that I wanted you that night.
Crooked smiles and shaking legs.
That was how we found our way to each other.
Who would have thought you wanted me too?
And that was all I needed to fall for you.

If only would I have known that night, I would have run the other way.
You tasted like cigarettes and a little bit of tragedy.
Bittersweet, but just like ecstasy.
Your lips felt so right.
Soft and expert between mine.
Even naughty.

And kissing you for one last time was better than not tasting you at all.
I felt numb every time you smiled at me.
You unraveled me with mystery and danger behind those hazel eyes.
You made me feel beautifully emotionless for the first time.

But we were running out of time.
And time was the only one to blame.
Sorry, I never say “goodbye” like I wish I had.
I wasn’t ready to write that final line.
I never saw you coming, but I knew an ending was just around the corner.

But who am I to resist to that kind of charm?
I’ve always been so vulnerable, but nothing compares with the feeling of writing this last one page.

Are you ready for an ending?
Am I?

But fighting time is like fighting with the sky.
Out of reach, pointless and breathtaking.
Falling for you only took one night.
One night I wish I hadn’t looked straight into those eyes and took the challenge I saw behind them.
One night when you turn my world upside down without asking my permission.

And still all I can say is “I miss you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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