How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect (And Mess Up) Your Dating Life

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You’ve definitely heard of mercury retrograde and you may or may not know what it is. We’re going to talk about how it affects your dating life, but first here’s some basic information. Mercury retrograde usually happens a few times a year and lasts a few weeks. It’s when the planet appears to be moving backward in its orbit. It’s not actually moving backward, it just seems that way. While there’s no scientific evidence that this has any impact on the world, astrology circles all over believe that it does. Now let’s talk about the impact on dating.

You don’t think clearly. You’re going to have fuzzy thinking. It won’t be clear enough for you to make rational decisions and it’ll likely result in misinterpreting things. Be careful when hooking up with someone because you may do something like thinking there’s more between you two when really it was just a one-time thing.

Things feel inexplicably weird. There’s just a giant layer of weirdness in the air. Things are awkward between you and your partner or they end on an awkward note with your hookup. You’re also likely to be stuck in your head, over analyzing everything in your life when you make a weird comment to that person you’re trying to pick up. It’s okay. Just know that things are a little funky at this time.

It can shake up all your relationships. This doesn’t just affect that person you just hooked up with. It may also affect your ex-girlfriend who all of a sudden pops up in your life with a bunch of things to say. No relationship is exempt from the craziness of mercury retrograde.

You might be pretty out of it. It may seem like everything is slow like you’re moving through molasses. As a result, you’re not going to be up to going to so many social events and you’re not going to be on top of your game when it comes to dating. If you try to force yourself to do what you don’t want to do you’re going to feel awkward and uncomfortable. It may be a safe bet to just stay home.

Things might be delayed. Mercury retrograde makes you and everyone else late. This may mean you’re late for a date, really making the other person mad. Or, perhaps someone else is late on your date, leaving you wondering what the heck is going on. Just know that there’s a giant delay-cloud over you and everyone you know. It isn’t anything personal.

Hookups are often just hookups. You may have a hookup that comes to hook up again, but this doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Even if it seems like that one night stand might turn into more, note that it’s mercurial, or temporary and flighty AF. So, whatever you do, don’t get attached to that booty call because they aren’t sticking around.

You shouldn’t make any important decisions. With all of the fogginess and miscommunication happening during this time, it’s not great to try and make big decisions. Even if you do, they’re likely to change once mercury retrograde is over. Try not to make any serious agreements because you may be seen as dishonest or flighty when you inevitably change your mind. It’s not that you are fickle, it’s just that circumstances may change.

Your texts may be misconstrued. Communication is thrown for a total loop during mercury retrograde. People are prone to jumping to conclusions and making assumptions, which doesn’t always result in something positive. You may do the same thing, misinterpreting texts that are meant to be loving and kind. This is a notorious time for confusion, so expect a tidal wave of it.

Buying gifts can be a bad idea. Definitely don’t buy something expensive, but even smaller gifts aren’t the best idea. You may find that when you go to buy it the item’s out of stock anyways. Or, you’ll buy it and regret it later. Your partner can wait for whatever gift you were going to give them. It’s a good idea to buy it before mercury retrograde if you need it for a birthday present otherwise you’re going to be in trouble.

You may be forgetful. You may be likely to leave your phone at home, resulting in you having to turn around when you’re already late for your date. Forgetfulness is an inevitable part of this time, screwing you left and right. It’s even common for people to lose gifts, so if you have a gift for someone be sure to handle it with exquisite care.

You could be indecisive. Breakups often happen during mercury retrograde when everyone’s wacky. Then afterward they feel terrible and change their minds. This is quite possible if you’re in a relationship. Maybe it’ll happen to you or your partner. Either way, there’s a ton of indecision and even the most stable of relationships aren’t exempt from it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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