4 Ways Sex Boosts Your Brain Power


Chances are when you were in your early 20’s you were convinced that the most important organ in your body was located between your legs. Not that you’re older, you have hopefully realized that in reality your brain is more important than the sexual organs. The pathways in your brain control your body’s movements and responses, along with releasing certain chemicals which influence both your personality and sexual performance. While it is common knowledge that your brain works with the other organs in your body, many people wonder if your sex life can boost brain power.

Why Regular Sex May Actually Boost Brain Power?

A recent study conducted by the University of Maryland found that regular sexual activity can increase a person cognitive thinking. Sex can help the brain to create new neurons which have the ability to help people think more clearly, especially when it came to problem solving. Another study conducted in 2010 also found that regular sex caused improve cell growth in the hippocampus region of the brain. This is the area responsible for long term memory, which seems to suggest the regular sexual activity can help to reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia and other memory problems as they age.

A Glowing Brain

Researchers at Rutgers University, including Barry Komisaruk Ph.D. have been studying orgasms in women for the last 25 years. By tracking the changes in the blood flow they were able to measure brain activity and there research also seems to suggest that sex can improve brain function, at least in women. The researches mapped thirty areas of the brain that received more oxygen and nutrients during orgasm. This was compared to the areas that received improved blood flow during memory games and puzzles which only affect half as many regions. What Dr. Komisaruk’s findings seem to suggest is that having sex is healthier for your brain than working the daily crossword puzzle.

Anti-Aging Benefits

The hormone DHEA can help to fight the signs of aging, but when it is taken as a supplement it can actually be harmful to your health. During sexual intercourse your body naturally produces the DHEA hormone which is not only beneficial to your skin, but it can also help to improve brain function and your immune system. According to a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin, DHEA can also help to promote new cell growth as well.

A Natural Tranquilizer

During sexual intercourse your brain produces several natural chemicals and hormones, all which can help you feel satisfied and relaxed. Some of these include oxytocin and dopamine which can help to reduce pain and make it easier for you to fall asleep. Serotonin is also released during an orgasm which can also help you relax after sex. Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics also suggests that these chemicals and hormones can also help to prevent depression. This is thought to be one of the possible reasons that there are fewer cases of depression in people who have an active sex life.

Sex or Meditate?

Having regular sex can also help men and women to clear their brains and focus more clearly, similar to how you feel after meditation. During sex it is not uncommon for people to think about several different things, but researchers suggest that when you orgasm you brain is focused solely on that one thing. The results are almost the same as meditating, only it is more enjoyable getting to the heighten state of awareness.


There is no denying that a healthy brain and your sex life are connected. Having sex regularly can improve memory function, improve your mood, and help you sleep better at night. With all of the benefits your brain gets from intercourse, it is surprising to learn that couples are engaging in sex less often. While hectic schedules and busy lives can interfere with your ability and desire to have intercourse, remembering that it can improve the health of your brain should be more than enough reason for you to make sure to make time in your busy schedule to engage in sex with your partner regularly. Not only will your brain work better, there will also be a dramatic improvement in your relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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