6 Reasons Having A Dog Is Better Than Dating


Don’t get me wrong, guys are great. It’s just that my dog is greater…

The later I am, the happier he is to see me

The occasional bout of rush hour traffic may put me a bit behind schedule, but he still manages to greet me with vibrancy and tons of kisses before reminding me that I’m late for dinner.

He’s open about his feelings

No guessing games here! Our four-legged friends quite literally wear their emotions for all to see. Whether happy, anxious, rambunctious, or stressed, he’s always sure to let me know how he’s feeling.

He always comes when I call him

And he does it with delight.

He lets me control the Netflix queue

So what if I choose to binge-watch the glory days of Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill? He’s happy as long as he’s nestled right by my side.

He’s a really, REALLY good listener

My canine companion is always happy to lend me his ear– though I’ve found that this often works better when food is involved.

He always lets me know he’s sorry

We all know the look: ears back, downcast eyes, and an adorable face that’s wrought with shame. It’s a guise that can melt even the stoniest of hearts, and is an instantaneous reaction to your tone of disapproval. Let’s face it, you can’t stay mad at these guys for long – and why would you ever want to? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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