Heal Loudly

Heal loudly, so others don’t drown in their own silence. Heal loudly, so others may live. Heal loudly, so others know that they are not alone.

When you are going through something traumatic, it is honestly the most isolating feeling when you are not comfortable talking to anyone around you about what you’re going through, and even the internet turns up no results. Not being able to connect with anyone, even a stranger on a screen, during your darkest moments can be absolutely devastating. I have been there, ugly crying into the carpet of my bedroom floor, feeling alone in the Universe simply because no one who had gone through what I was going through had ever been brave enough to speak out on their experience. I wanted to change that. So, I picked up a pen.

I spilled the contents of my heart out in ink and started an anonymous blog on Tumblr when I was 19. I broadcasted every thought and emotion that threatened to consume me and took back the power by putting it all into words. Over time, I gained several followers, who often reached out to me and thanked me for my honest vulnerability, and confessed that they had gone through similar situations. By healing loudly, I unintentionally created a safe space for other people who had felt alone in their experiences as well.

We all have our own trauma and wounds to heal, but knowing that there are other people out there who have made it through to the other side of the darkness that we are going through right now, often serves as a catalyst to the healing process. Knowing that it is possible to recover and be okay someday like all of the ones who have been here before us, is the greatest comfort of all.

So please, heal loudly. Someone needs to hear your story. You might even end up saving a life by telling the story of yours.