Maybe They Were Your Karma

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Many people seem to desperately cling to the idea of Karma, but only when it benefits them. Many people use Karma as validation for their own victim complexes. Are you one of them?

Do you truly believe that what happens to you is completely out of your control; That the bad things that Life throws at you are never your fault? Karma has your back, and she will take care of the shitty people who have done you wrong, right?

What you need to remember is that Karma is a two-way street. What about all of the times that you were the shitty person? Did you ever stop and pull your head out of your ass for long enough to consider that just maybe the people who hurt you, or the shitty things that happened to you were your Karma for what you’ve done to other people?

Did you think you were above the wrath of Karma? Did you think she wouldn’t find you? Did you think she was your friend? Karma doesn’t have any friends. Her reputation precedes her. Karma only cares about herself. She is a cold, calculating bitch. All she cares about is keeping the balance in the Universe. That means rewarding the rights and correcting the wrongs. That includes fixing what you have done.

We aren’t always aware of how we affect other people. We don’t always realize when we hurt them. So, when other people hurt us, we often sit and wonder what we did for the Universe, or Karma, to do us so dirty. That is why self-reflection is so important. That is why we try to find the lesson in the heartbreak and the tragedy; so we can grow and understand the effect we have had on the World, and realize that the way that the World treats us is often a reflection of how we treat the World.

I’m sorry you’re hurting. I’m sorry if Life knocked you on your ass or broke your heart with a sledgehammer in the form of another human being. Just remember, you might not be as much of a victim as you would like to believe.


they were your Karma. TC mark

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