10 Subtle Ways To Tell The Weird Girl Likes You

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New Girl

Sure, it’s easy to fall for the popular girl in class. But only the bravest hearts fall for the weird girl. You know the girl I’m talking about. She probably sits as close to the wall and as far away from other people as she possibly can. The margins of her notebooks are usually graffitied with doodles and song lyrics, and her clothes are probably the only thing darker than her eyeliner. She is otherworldly in the way she speaks and stares off into space, completely content with knowing that she doesn’t really fit in. She believes in things in a way that makes you want to believe in her. You just wish that she would believe in you, too. Or at least, give some kind of indication that you occupy any fragment of her gray matter. Does she ever think of you? Could the feelings be mutual? The signs are trickier to decipher, because she isn’t like most girls, but when feelings of interest are present, they are hard to miss. Especially with her.

1. She is extra sarcastic, just for you. If she likes you, it probably annoys her, so she tries to push you away with her less-than-kind sense of humor. She has to keep her guard up.

2. She has a nickname for you. Honestly, the more insulting, the more she probably likes you. Ideal nicknames include Idiot, Asshole, Jerk etc.

3. She doesn’t cringe or give you a dirty look when you sit next to her. She goes out of her way to avoid being surrounded by people, and she definitely enjoys her personal space. So, when you sit close to her, if she doesn’t ask you to move, leave her alone, or glare at you with the passion of a thousand dying suns, she probably likes you. At least a little.

4. She actually looks at you while talking to you. When you try to converse with her, if she actually looks up from her book, or her latest drawing she is working on while speaking to you, she might actually enjoy your company. And your face.

5. She either accepts yours, or shares her own with you. Whether it be food, school supplies, or lunch money. She isn’t the kind of girl who likes accepting gifts or favors from other people, out of fear of them thinking they have something over her. If she trusts you enough to accept or participate in these sorts of kind gestures, she probably has a soft spot for you.

6. She shares her music taste with you and makes an effort to understand yours. Art and music mean a lot to her, and she uses them to navigate her way through the world and understand other people. If she is putting effort in to understanding your taste, it means she wants to get to know you in the best way she knows how. She also wants to let you in, through all of her favorite songs.

7. She actually laughs at your jokes or smiles around you. She is probably kind of socially awkward and doesn’t find many people as humorous as they find themselves. She doesn’t really connect with many people her age, so if she is actually amused enough by you to crack a smile, or even laugh, you must be some kind of special.

8. She compliments you on the things that matter. Your intelligence, your creativity, your sense of humor. These are the things that matter to her, because she knows that looks are temporary, and pretty useless when it comes to connecting with another human being. She sees you for you, and she admires what is there.

9. She encourages you. She notices you, and actually sees you. She sees your potential in areas of yourself that most people don’t. She knows that you are going to go places with your talents, even if you aren’t aware of your abilities yet.

10. She lets her guard down around you. She allows herself to be vulnerable with you, by showing you her artwork, or her poetry. She tells you personal details about her life. Her problems, or her dreams of the future. She tells you these things, because she wants you to know what she deals with, and what kind of life she plans to build for herself. She tells you, because she wants you to be a part of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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