10 Women Share Their Embarrassing, Hilarious Stories About Being Caught Off Guard By Their Period


For most women, having a period is just a perfectly normal, natural part of our existence. Unfortunately, openly discussing our period is something that is still considered to be pretty taboo by modern society, which is absolutely ridiculous. Most women know that with their period, often comes some pretty awkward, embarrassing, or hilarious stories. When presented with the opportunity to share their stories, ten brave women decided to come forward and share these gems:


Boyfriend of the Year

“Not really “funny” but embarrassing. The third time staying at my boyfriend’s house overnight I bled through grey sweatpants. Not a ton, a spot maybe the size of a quarter. He got up before me in the morning and noticed it while I was still asleep. When I woke up about an hour later, he had a pair of sweatpants ready for me to change into and even had breakfast ready because he knew I’d be embarrassed. He said it happens to every woman from time to time and it’s nothing to freak out about. Such a sweetheart.” – Ashley, 21


Batman Pajama Pants

“When I was like 18, I stayed the night at a guy friend’s house who I had a crush on. We literally just spent the night watching movies and stuff. He let me borrow his favorite pair of Batman pajama pants, and we slept in the same bed. I woke up at like 6 in the morning because I had started my period and accidentally bled through his pants in my sleep. Thankfully, I slept on my stomach so none of it got on his bed or blankets, just his pajama pants that he had let me borrow. So, I carefully climbed over him and grabbed my stuff, changed, and snuck out of his house. I took his pajama pants with me. He asked me later what happened/why I left/ where I put his pajama pants. I just lied and said something came up and I had to go, and I left his pajama pants in the laundry room. He never did find them. I am actually wearing them right now, as I type this, haha!” – Anonymous


Accident in the Parking Lot

“One time, I took my boyfriend’s Mamaw to the doctor. Being overweight caused me to have big blood clots and very heavy bleeding. So, I was rushing home because I always knew when I had a blood clot about to drop because of the horrible cramps I would always experience. I was rushing home to change pants, and when I got out of the van the blood clot was so big, it dropped down my leg. That was so embarrassing but thank God it was only me and her that saw it.” – Sara, 29


He Never Called Back For A Second Date

“In college, this guy took me on a date in his nice car. The drive to the restaurant was kinda far, and I started my period on the way there. When we got to the restaurant, I ran to the bathroom and improvised. I thought I was fine, but on the way home, I accidentally bled through my pants a little. It got on his fancy leather front seat. He was super calm and nice about it, but he never did call me back for that second date. Lmao, oh well.” – Anonymous


Awkward Dad

“One time I had gotten really bad cramps I was 13 or 14 and I was in so much pain, but I was supposed to go on a family bike ride. My father kept insisting that I go with them, so I finally told him the reason why I didn’t want to go and he was so weirded out that he told me to just stay home and be lazy.” – Jordan, 22


Boyfriend’s Bathroom Disaster

“I have always had freakishly heavy periods. One night, I was staying at my boyfriend’s house while he was at work. He still lived at home, so he and his dad shared the upstairs bathroom. Well, I woke up and felt wet down there, so I got up and ran to the bathroom. I managed to not bleed in his room or the hallway or anything, but the outside of the toilet, along with the floor around the toilet looked like a murder scene. I literally spent 20+ minutes cleaning up after myself with some Clorox wipes I found under the sink. There was no trash can in their bathroom for some reason, so I was just throwing the wipes in the toilet after I was done using them. Of course, the toilet clogged and overflowed, spilling nasty water and Clorox wipes all over the floor that I had just cleaned. I had to scrub and clean it up again. All of this happened while his dad was sleeping, and I was praying that he wouldn’t wake up having to pee. He never did, thank God. But that was one of the most stressful, embarrassing hours of my life.” – Anonymous


Bad Day at School

“So, I have never had a regular period, but when it hit, it hit hard. One day when I was 17, I was in high school skipping my sixth hour and sitting in my favorite teacher’s classroom at the end of the day. I was wearing boys basketball shorts and no underwear. I was sitting in the teacher’s chair at his desk while he was sitting elsewhere, helping a student. I got a horrible stomach pain, then felt the familiar, horrible movement down there. In an effort to not bleed in his chair, I got up and sprinted to the bathroom. I heard him calling after me, seeing as the last bell hadn’t rang yet and I didn’t ask to leave the classroom. But I sprinted to the bathroom, and as soon as I got in there, the blood started tricking own both of my legs. I was unprepared and had no tampons or anything, so I had to clean myself up and shove half a roll of the school’s cheap toilet paper in my shorts and pray that it would hold me over until I got home. Then, to make matters worse, when I walked out of the building to where my mom usually parked to come pick me up, it wasn’t her car that was waiting for me. It was my uncle, who was visiting from out of state, who thought it would be nice to “surprise” me and pick me up and take me to lunch. My mother was sitting in the passenger seat. I asked as politely as I could if they could please just drop me off at home, because I wasn’t feeling well. My uncle snapped at me and was like, “I haven’t seen you in a while and I’m trying to be nice and spend time with you! I’ve done a lot for you, so you can suck it up and spend some time with me and go to lunch with us!” So, I yelled back, “Oh, I’m sorry. Did YOU start your period unexpectedly ten minutes ago and bleed through your shorts and have to run to the bathroom and shove a wad of cheap ass toilet paper in your pants?” My mother started cracking up, and my uncle got embarrassed and was like, “N-no. I can’t say that I did.” The asshole still didn’t drop me off at home, so I just sat in the car while they ran in the store and got food and what not. He tried to convince me to get out of the car and use the bathroom in the store, but I was scared to move and I knew by the time I made it to the bathroom, I would have bled through the toilet paper and had it all running own my legs again. So, I just sat in the car, partially hoping I would bleed on his back seat.” – Anonymous


She Had to Switch Schools

“One time, there was a bomb threat at our high school, so we had to evacuate the building and all cram together in the gymnasium of the elementary school across the street. Of course, as we were all crowded in that small gym, Aunt Flo decided to make the situation even more stressful. I bled through my pants, and left a wet smear on the gym floor. And, of course, the kid I had a crush on wasn’t looking where he was going and stepped right on it, tracking it on his shoe, leaving a footprint. I switched schools later that week because I was devastated, and my mother loved me.” – Emily, 27


They Got Married

“In high school, freshman year, I started my period in art class. I bled through my pants without noticing, and one of the most popular kids in the school, who was a senior at the time, noticed. He quickly stood behind me and started talking to me. I was a little uncomfortable that he was standing so close, but he was being really nice and cracking jokes, so I didn’t make a big deal out of it. He then took off his hoodie, and whispered “Hey, please don’t be embarrassed, but I’m gonna give you my hoodie, and I want you to tie it around your waist. Then we’re gonna walk down to the office. I have 4 older sisters, and I think you had an accident. It looks like you bled through your pants. Don’t worry though, I don’t think anyone else noticed.” He instantly became my best friend, and we ended up dating. We were married for 14 years, until he passed away in a car accident ten years ago. He was such a sweetheart. I miss him every day.” – Mandy, 42


The Punishment Seat

“Having an irregular period is horrible. I usually only have maybe 2 to 4 periods a year, naturally. In high school, I wasn’t on birth control or anything to help me, so when my body decided it was time, it always caught me off guard. In high school, we had a lot of those desks that had the wooden chair attached to it. Well, one day when I was 15, I started my period in class and bled through on the wooden desk chair. I sat in the back of the room and usually wore black pants, so thankfully nobody noticed when it happened. I went home early, claiming I was sick. I ended up switching out of that class later that week, for unrelated reasons. But apparently, my “accident” stained the wooden chair. They ended up moving the desk to the back corner of the classroom, and it became the “punishment” seat. When kids were assholes in the room, the teacher would make them go sit at that gross-looking desk in the corner. Haha, I wonder if that teacher still has that desk. Definitely not the “mark” I had hoped to leave behind on my high school, but I’ll take it. Fuck ‘em.” – Gina Clingan, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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