Here’s To The Nights We Can’t Remember

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Here’s to the terrible things we have done or said to people, and the negative impact we may have had on their lives without even being aware of it. Here’s to the versions of ourselves that other people carry with them based on encounters they had with us on our worst days, and in our worst seasons. Here’s to the bitter taste we unintentionally left in the mouths of practical strangers: People who never even crossed our minds but have scars on their backs with our names on them. Here’s to the people who cringe at the sound of our names while we barely even remember theirs. Here’s to the people who made us a focal point when they were hardly even in our peripheral vision. Here’s to everyone who we left seeing red.

Here’s to the fractures we left on hearts that we didn’t even know we touched the wrong way. Here’s to everyone who we will never be able to apologize to because we aren’t even aware of how bad we hurt them with our actions or words. Here’s to the mistakes that we can’t take back. Here’s to everyone who will never reach out to us for the closure that they deserve. Here’s to the closure that they will never get.

Here’s to the nights and the people we can’t remember. Here’s to the forgiveness that we did not earn. Here’s to everyone who deserved better.

Here’s to our growth and continuous journey toward self-improvement. Here’s to acknowledging and holding ourselves accountable for our own actions that we so easily dismissed. Here’s to our past, and the people we have become since then. Here’s to leading more conscientious lives and putting effort into being fully present in our interactions with people and the world around us.

Here’s to being better.

Here’s to forgiving those who may not even be aware of the ways that they hurt us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m trying.

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