10 Signs Your Inner Goddess Is Ready And About To Emerge

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1. Something feels not right. Truth be told, that niggling feeling has been present for some time. But something feels different about the waves these days. You are starting to see through your own shit, witnessing the themes that have painted your life experience. There is a rumbling in the belly that taunts you to take responsibility — and now, you’re listening.

2. You are noticing patterns. The mind is starting to draw lines between circumstances you have found yourself in and the heart is paying attention. You are noticing these patterns in the people around you, too, and have developed a new sense of compassion for both yourself and for the others.

3. Signs are appearing. In fact they have always been there, but now that you are on the verge of a new you, your soul is taking them in. What you seek is seeking you, and you are beginning to recognize this.

4. You are seeing the tendency towards self-criticism for what it is — the product of a conditioned mind and the result of less-than-uplifting life experiences. You are not immune to these bouts of self-sabotage, but you are beginning to catch them quicker when they arise. There is a growing timeliness in your self-loving response.

5. There is a sense of disconnection from others — a feeling of being misunderstood. The inner shifts you are experiencing are challenging to articulate, and certainly difficult for some people to hear and comprehend. You know there is nothing you can do about this and are beginning to let go of the need to convince, satisfy, and people-please.

6. The mental chatter is at an all-time high, attempting to discredit your emerging inner wisdom. The ego is quite content to stay within the safe limits and firm beliefs it has upheld all these years; now, it is challenging you. No doubt. You take time to listen, but refuse, time after time, to let it run the show that is your life.

7. It is getting emotional — perhaps even dark. It is part of the natural rhythm of new beginnings; before the light there is darkness. It might feel like a succession of waves barreling down, but there is always a calm that comes after the storm.

8. You find yourself doing things that you would have once considered strange behavior. Placing crystals on your resting, meditating body. Talking to your inner child. Retreating to bed early seven nights of the week. Chanting. Praying. Meditating. You did not consciously make the decision to take on these new behaviors — your soul guided you this way.

9. Your voice sounds different. Perhaps in tone or pitch, but more certainly in meaning. It might be shaky for a time, but it is tried and true. There is growing confidence in the words that stream from your being. It is raw and vulnerable, born of a depth you are thoughtfully exploring.

10. There is a cliff. You stand at the edge of it — terrified. No one said this would be easy. There is something begging for your attention; it is yearning for you to stand behind it and follow it off that edge. You take a deep breath, open your heart, and dive into the unknown with faith, trust, and belief in fairy dust. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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