7 Things Rejection Can Teach You

No one likes rejection. I mean who wants to put themselves in a vulnerable position only to be slapped down. But I’ve found that if you truly want something in life, whatever it may be, rejection just comes with the package. Here are the 7 reminders that rejection keeps teaching me.

1. It filters out who doesn’t match.

Instead of seeing it as something bad, see it as a blessing in disguise because someone rejecting you is really them taking themselves out of your life rather than you having to put up with unwanted people and taking them out yourself later down the line.

2. It’s natural, not everyone is supposed to like you.

We’re all inherently diverse. No one is the same. Some might be similar but never the same. It may seem like a bad thing but it’s not. Because there is such a broad range of personalities, there are going to be those who love you no matter what and there are going to be those who dislike you no matter what. 

3. It teaches you about who you are and what you need to improve on.

There is no better feedback than the feedback from interactions with others. If you’re ego is too high, you will see it in others reactions to you. If you lack self respect, you will see it in the form of others taking advantage of you. 

4. You stop being a people pleaser.

Just because you go out of your way to please others, doesn’t mean you won’t get rejected. It is counterintuitive but it is much better to be rejected for who you are then who you’re not. The reason being that if you get accepted for who you’re not you’ll have to continue carrying this facade because of you’re fear of not being accepted for who you are and that is an insidious feeling you don’t want, ever.

5. It makes you gain more clarity on what you want.

Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps what you are chasing isn’t for you? I never did. I always just assumed that it was. Once I got it, I realized I had been chasing something that Wasn’t even a right for me. That is not to say that you cannot get what you want but it might be wise to reflect if you really want that certain thing or if you just like the idea of having it.

6. It makes you more self reliant.

You’ll be able to handle more in life. Rejection takes a direct hit to our ego and that is something most people aren’t willing to go through. If you can deal with rejection, you’ll find yourself being able to handle Manet more of life’s problems with ease.

7. It’s necessary.

This one might be a hard pill to swallow but if you focus on doing what is easy, life will be hard. If you focus on doing what is hard, your life will become easy because you challenged yourself. Rejection is a very hard thing to deal with because it takes a direct hit to our egos and who we think we are that we would rather avoid it then face it head on. But it is only in that moment that we face the uncomfortable moment of rejection that we are freed from its limitations and can move forward with a little less fear and a little more courage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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