How To Get Engaged In 2013


RAPHAEL9X9: you got a second babe?
MARIA85: lol yeah, what’s up?
MARIA85: i’m at work though so it has to be quick
RAPHAEL9X9: lol, np

raphael9X9 is typing

RAPHAEL9X9: i was thinking about what you said last night about finding someone that was really special, that you could spend your whole life with…
MARIA85: oh my god!!!
RAPHAEL9X9: and, um, I was thinking…
MARIA85: yes…?
RAPHAEL9X9: *getting down on one knee*
MARIA85: i can’t breathe, this is so exciting!!!!
RAPHAEL9X9: *pulling out a gorgeous tiffany’s ring*
MARIA85: oh, it’s so beautiful.

raphael9X9 is typing

RAPHAEL9X9: will you marry me Maria?
MARIA85: yes, yes, a thousand times yes! :D
RAPHAEL9X9: *slipping ring on your finger*
MARIA85: it’s such a gorgeous ring baby.
RAPHAEL9X9: i was saving for years to get it.

maria85 is typing

MARIA85: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i’m so happy right now!
RAPHAEL9X9: me too babe. i was worried you weren’t going to say yes! smh at my crippling self-doubt
MARIA85: lol of course i was going to say yes! you’re my dream boy <3
MARIA85: wait, I need to sign off for two secs
RAPHAEL9X9: why?
MARIA85: I have to snapchat this to my mom! aagghh, so excited for the rest of my life with you!! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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