Why Being A Hufflepuff Is Actually The Best

Flickr / Bill Smith
Flickr / Bill Smith

I used to be a Ravenclaw, but since I took the test again when Pottermore updated I am now a Hufflepuff.

Came as a shock to me really. I was honestly one of those people who made fun of Hufflepuff before, as a Potternerd growing up. I was dramatic when the result came out. It was like I didn’t know who I was anymore. I know I changed a lot since I last really checked Pottermore, but I was curious to see what result I’d have now that the site changed. For some reason, I actually had a feeling I’d be Hufflepuff.

It really got to me for about a moment because I was thinking about how much I must’ve changed and how used to I am about being Ravenclaw. How the Ravenclaw shirt I’ve had got ages ago and and now use as pajamas are pretty much useless and seems more like a joke. Also, I kept thinking Ravenclaw had a tower…and BOOKS.

Yes, I take imagining my fictional life in Hogwarts seriously.

But then I read the bit about Hufflepuff, starting with the introduction, the welcome made by the Prefect Gabriel Truman, in the site. And my view of Hufflepuff changed and I started to realize that maybe I am made for it…sort of.

They say Hufflepuffs are Loyal, Kind, and Hardworking. I used to think they were the rejects because of that one line,“…and Hufflepuff gets the rest”, which I was sure I read in the Sorting Hat’s song. I thought it was funny back then. There was something about the jokes and hints in the book that somehow got my young booknerd mind thinking that there was something wrong with the house. But it was all in good fun, right?

In a time where I’m starting to learn about advocacies and how the world can be clueless about what’s going on based on standards made by society; in a time where standing up for what is right should be better than being right; and in a time where I realize I have to convince myself to understand the things that should really matter is a time as any to realize that HUFFLEPUFF is more than meets the eye.

Hufflepuffs were UNDERESTIMATED. That was it!

The peacemakers. The ones who step aside to let you pass through, not because they’re cowardly or afraid, but because they choose to understand. They want to make a difference.

They are those who understand sympathy, comfort and honesty. They know values, ethics and morals are what needs standing up for, when everyone gets caught up with petty fights because of indifference.

They are those who are smart enough to understand to take in what they learn and know that it is never about achievements or proof recorded as a number or ranking. They need enough knowledge to help people, to understand circumstances and to appreciate the world.

They are those who know when it’s time to stand up for someone and get fueled up when the little guy gets picked on.

They get it. They just shrug it off and let the other houses make fun of them, belittle them and underestimate them because they are far more than a simple description can understand.They are not limited to a standard.

Also, they may be secretly plotting to rule the wizarding world and, just a reminder, the Hogwarts kitchens are right by the Hufflepuff common room where Hufflepuffs are no doubt friends with the elves and may end up finding funny ways to get back on those who mess with their friends (Moderately). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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