Never Stop Finding Reasons To Love

Never Stop Finding Reasons To Love

In a world that is so often filled with greed and hunger for power, always choose kindness. Always choose love.

Choose love when wrath begins to envelop your mind. Learn the beauty of forgiveness. Forgive people. Forgive yourself. Never let yourself be consumed by the madness within. Never let it win over you. Rest your heart for a moment. Take a deep breath. Speak softly. Remember what you love about that person. Remember all the reasons why you stayed for them up until this moment. Remember why you won’t give up on them. Remember why leaving them would be the very last option.

Choose love when envy starts to settle into your bones. Appreciate what you have now. Stand in front of the mirror and compliment yourself today. Tell that body that you don’t mind taking another scoop of ice cream or another slice of pizza. Tell yourself that the universe has created this body so intricately, it deserves to know it is a masterpiece. Take a look at the lines on your palms. The curve of your lips when you smile. The genuineness in your laugh. You are unique. You are human. You are beautiful. For all the little ways that you are. For all the more ways you can be.

Choose love when greed tempts you to no avail. Remind yourself what makes you human. And that is the act of giving. Learn to give and give and give. This is the only humane superpower that exists in the deepest parts of our hearts. Give love to those who live without it. Give happiness to those who have long been in a dark place. Give compassion to those who have never felt it. Give and give and give. Be so full of love that when someone steals it away from you, you open your palms and reach out to them to offer them more.

However, there will come a time when it becomes too much—so much that it overwhelms you. Never allow it to conquer you. Allow hope to become the fire that ignites within your soul. Let the fear sizzle. Let it burn to ashes. Until they slowly obliterate into nothingness.

Believe in love. Believe in the smile of an innocent little child. Believe in the genuine laughter of your dearest friends. Believe in the quiet thank you from a stranger. Believe in the wagging tail that a dog you saw in the streets welcomed you with. Believe in the love in the things around you. Plant it in the most unexpected places. Let it grow and bear the fruits that others will relish in as well. Let it blossom. It will exist only if you allow it to.

Choose love. In this world that is already harsh, never stop believing the good in everyone. But most of all, always choose love. Always find reasons to love.

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Giana Mae Licoto

I weave stories around people.