Read This When You Don’t Think You Have It In You

Woman with bangs
Abdiel Ibarra

I have been there, and so have you.
The abyss, the lowest you can ever be, the darkest of days, the time when you thought that you would never make it.

To my future self, and to all the souls out there that are hurting,
I know how robust the voices inside your head can get,
I know how we can sometimes get to the point of almost believing the harshest, most devastating things they can possibly tell us,
I know how they make you strive to perfection, ending up believing that you are not good enough,

Yes, I cried myself to sleep,
and I hated the thought of waking up in the morning, every part of me was slowly shutting down, and one day I woke up, and I was gone. I thought that was it, only it was not.
I started gathering my shattered pieces, and while I was doing so, I found some that I never even knew existed. They were new…they were beautiful,

How could I not see it?

It is the darkest tragedies that give rise to the most gorgeous masterpieces! It is the saddest songs that get in touch with the most intimate parts of us!

My darkest days had brought out the best of me, and I am not ever going to give away that part of me.
I am my light and dark…I am my good and bad.
It is not about being all happy, it is about hitting rock bottom and still having what it takes to rise back up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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