The Insecurities Of Being A Writer In This Millennial Age

When you’re flawed and paranoid about your surrounding it is difficult to be yourself. It is difficult to express your sheltered self in this world full of bigotry, critics, and self-entitled experts. You find it difficult to grow a free soul when the “free” itself isn’t free at all.

You, fearing the words and actions of critics they might throw your way. You, being insecure because you aren’t perfect at all. And you, being shy to the world because you lack the confidence that you should have in the first place.

You are a writer but this millennial era labelled you as only as a plain individual who sees the world, who hears the critics talk, and who feels the violence of unmet peace and collisions of powered speech, but never the writer you wanted to be.

That’s why instead of sharing the world of your written words you kept them inside your favorite table’s drawer. Just like how this era kept those writer’s ability to grow.

No one will ever help you to get rid of your endless fears and insecurities. But you, yourself is the one who can. Instead of entertaining fears in your head try starting to seek for positivity contrast to your surroundings. Start loving yourself. Start accepting that you are flawed and realize that it is ok. Love everything about yourself. And free all the negative thoughts, ideas, and what if’s you’re holding for so long.

Free your written words inside your favorite drawer. Let them be heard. Let them touch souls. Don’t keep them anymore like this era made you to. Once and for all, don’t deprive them of the freedom they deserve. Maybe this era caged you in a box where you live but don’t grow. A box where you thought you are free but not. The box that made you feel like growing but in reality, you are just unnoticeably moving. And still, it is not enough for you to cage your own free will to write. To express the words, you cannot say. To express the emotions, you cannot bear. Because today, in this era, having too much in your plate is quite consuming. That consumes your own sanity, your own self-trust, and your own free will.

Freeing your true self will surely take time. And once you do, you will look at your fears, insecurities, and critics on a different way. And you will realize that it is ok to have them in your life. Because through them, they made you succumb to feel emotions that trigger you to be a better writer.

Through them you are capable now of chasing your own dreams, facing your own fears, and letting go of the what if’s that is holding you before. Little by little you will be free and you will be no longer a prisoner of this Millennial era. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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