The Beauty In Knowing Exactly Who You Are

Yesterday I met with a great friend and for a hot second we spoke about knowing who you are. I mean actually knowing who you are. For many years I thought I knew everything about Georgina Manly. I got that completely wrong.

My friend said something which I completely agree with and that is, when you know who you are it’s really easy to voice your opinion.

I believe in some ways we are forever learning who we are through experiences. Until we have those experiences that’s when we get to know our selves a little better. In one sense the puzzle of our ‘self’ is forever being put together.

I think it is right to say when you know who you are and when you are comfortable with your ‘self’ – you can enjoy your own company and thoughts. Don’t be surprised that many people can’t stand to hear their own thoughts. It’s not odd to enjoy your own company – in fact I think people should know how to enjoy it. You don’t have to constantly be around people, TV or anything to be okay or not bored. It’s okay to be still for a moment. Quite frankly I don’t believe you can ever be bored as you have a mind to think with. There is always something to do – you just have to figure it out.

You live a better life – no matter what the situation.

You have better relationships.

You achieve more goals.

You feel free. One of the best feelings in world is freedom.

I’m not saying it is easy or hard to understand your ‘self,’ but it’s not hard to attempt to think about who you are now and who you want to be. When you completely accept your values and morals in life you will create a foundation to build upon – to build your ‘self.’

Life is for living – don’t worry just live life to the fullest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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