27 Little Life Lessons I’ve Learned By 27

learning and growing up
Sabrina May

1. Things aren’t going to happen at warp speed.

Millennial patience is akin to fast food. Let ideas and passion projects marinate first and they will cook in good time.

2. You are not for everyone.

Remember at university when you HAD to be friends with EVERYONE? So exhausting. Quality > Quantity.

3. Trust your instincts.

An old adage but boy, a goodie. We’re taught to doubt ourselves with the language of apology but chances are, your instincts are solid.

4. Learn to love being alone.

You’re not always going to be surrounded by people. Empower yourself by being resourceful and self-sufficient.

5. Anywhere you live needs some plants.

Get that oxygen flowing.

6. Clean it up.

Whether that’s a spill on the kitchen counter or a major life f*ck up. Tidy space, tidy mind and all that.

7. Showers are way better than baths.

As Chandler said, “You just sit in there, stewing in your own filth.”

8. You are not extraordinary, but you are enough.

Einsteins and rocket scientists are rare. You’re great, but get real and get grafting.

9. Sometimes no comment is the strongest comment.

No need to reply to acerbic, hate-filled and shit stirring remarks on Facebook. You’re better than that.

10. Have low expectations.

It softens the blow.

11. Cry.

Feel your emotions. Otherwise it becomes bottled fizz and the spray is messy.

12. Speaking in different accents is the ultimate pick-me-up.

And it gets everyone in the room laughing.

13. Time heals.

I love and hate the process. The rewards at the other end though, are gold.

14. You don’t need a boyfriend, you just need a friend.

If you’re having a bad day and feel shit about singledom, don’t think you’ll feel more filled with a guy.

15. Self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant.

A long, tall glass of water will do.

16. Gin & Tonic should always be served with a wedge of lime.

You’re not living if you have it with lemon. Sorry, but not that sorry.

17. The best friendships are the ones that require the least maintenance.

I hadn’t spoken to one of my university friends in about six months for reasons of life. When we got on FaceTime, it was electric friendship love and we were back on our dorm bed, chatting into the night.

18. Giving advice can be profitless.

No one actually takes advice. It’s way better to help guide people to their own decisions with the right balance of emotional support and information.

19. There’s just too much information out there.

Blink and you miss a thousand things. Literally can’t keep up anymore.

20. Learn to listen to the world around you.

Other people’s experiences on this planet will enlighten and surprise you.

21. “Dr. Google” sucks.

According to him, I’ve had over ten terminal illnesses. Letting him go was the best New Year’s resolution I’ve ever kept.

22. A pear is a shit version of an apple.

No crunch, no juice, no tart – no good.

23. Events determine the future.

Chance occurrences were involved in nearly every advancement in my life so far.

24. Knowing what you don’t want in life is more important than knowing what you want.

Because then you cut the crap out, the bullshit radar sharpens, and suddenly you realize you’ve got oodles of self-respect. Boom.

25. Kill them with kindness.

A brilliant scheme to get what you want without being an asshole.

26. Shazam was the best app that happened to me.

I finally became a person of the 21st century and could cite songs.

27. Walks are incredible.

The simple spirituality that comes of a stroll is life-giving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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