24 Life Lessons, Courtesy Of My Cat

  1. Cuddling is a nice way to wake up.
  2. One way to get someone to stop and pay attention to you is to loudly throw their knick-knacks around.
  3. Drinking tap water won’t kill you.
  4. If you’re chilly and you don’t have a blanket, go sit in the sun.
  5. Actually, just go sit in the sun whenever possible. It’s nice.
  6. Hiss sparingly. But mean it when you do it.
  7. Always have at least one place in your home where you can go for quiet, alone time where no one will find you.
  8. Show appreciation by making little noises or, if appropriate, nuzzles, when someone does something that pleases you.
  9. It’s OK to want to just hang out off to the side and be an observer at parties.
  10. Natural beauty is unbeatable. Clean your hair regularly to keep it shiny. Call attention to the color of your eyes via a fun accessory.
  11. When you have some down time, you might as well groom yourself.
  12. Stretch with purpose.
  13. Choose wisely who you let get close to you, let alone put their hands on you. You don’t have to let somebody touch you if you don’t want them to.
  14. You can learn a lot about your neighbors by sitting at the window and watching them.
  15. If you were given a name with some attitude attached to it, that’s a gift — live up to it.
  16. Having a package to open is usually just as fun as what’s inside.
  17. If you’re going to sit somewhere for a while, it might as well be somewhere comfortable.
  18. Just because the person you love is doing something else, like reading or being on the computer, it doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying your presence in the room with them.
  19. Speak up when you want something. Or if you just feel like speaking up.
  20. Pay attention to your surroundings. You don’t always have to be distracting yourself. Just looking at what’s around you can be useful and meditative.
  21. When somebody wants to pet you, and you’re enjoying it, it’s OK to just lie back and enjoy it. You can pay them back another time.
  22. Use your claws when you need them, put them away when you don’t.
  23. It’s OK to like some people and not others.
  24. You are the king of this place. Act accordingly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark
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