19 Things Every Girl In College Should Remember

  1. Take your makeup off before you go to bed. I don’t care how tired you are, take it off. This will save you from breakouts later. Trust me, your morning self will thank you.
  2. Volunteer to be DD at least once a month. There is such thing as good, clean, SOBER, fun. I know it’s great to have a good time, but it’s also rude to make the same person DD every time.
  3. Be nice to everyone. Yes, everyone. I know there are girls that are so mean you could punch them and not feel the slightest bit guilty, but be nice to them too. It makes you the bigger person, and you’re a lot happier.
  4. Put a self-confidence boosting/inspirational quote on your bathroom mirror. This will start your day off right. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes.
  5. Have GNOs or GNIs. I don’t care about your brand new boyfriend. Boys come and go, your girls will always be there for you. Live by “sisters before misters.”
  6. Give compliments to other girls. We all know how good it feels to receive them, and it feels even better to give them.
  7. Love yourself. Because whether you like it or not, you are who you are. Embrace what you’re born with because it’s beautiful.
  8. When your friend calls you at 8 am on a Saturday because she needs you to pick her up from the house of a guy she shacked with, GO. Go because she would do it for you, go because that’s what good friends do. Go without judgment because we’ve all been there.
  9. Study. I know you’re in college for only four years but remember to balance school and a social life.
  10. Go out on a school night. “The work never ends but college does.”
  11. Drink lots of water and sit in a sauna the day after a rough night out. Trust me, this will save your life, and you’ll feel a lot better once you’ve sweated the toxins in your body out.
  12. Drink wine when you feel like being a classy bitch, drink whiskey and coke when you feel like being a total bad-ass, drink a martini when you feel like being cute and flirty. Drink a water if you don’t feel like getting drunk. Drink whatever the hell you want when you want.
  13. When your friend calls because her boyfriend just broke up with her, don’t hesitate, wine and chocolate and a movie in bed. Let her cry. Let her cry till she doesn’t have any more tears. Then when she looks at old photos, or reads old text messages, let her cry again.
  14. Go to the gym. Whether you believe in the freshman fifteen or not, be nice to your body.
  15. There’s no shame in a night in with Netflix. At. All.
  16. Say hi to the gorgeous boy that you make awkward eye contact with everyday on the way to class. He may like you, but you’ll never know until you say something.
  17. Laugh until you’re in the point of tears because you just tripped on the stairs of a fraternity house in front of an entire group of boys. If you don’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
  18. If you’re wondering, Jimmy John’s at 3 am is always a good idea. Same goes for Cookout, Hungry Howie’s, Taco Bell, etc.
  19. Enjoy every moment. It all goes by way too fast. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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