10 Signs You Were Born On June 11, 1986 (The Best Freaking Birthday Ever)

There’s a lot of talk about which year in the fabulous 80s was the best. The year 1989 is a prime candidate since it marks the fall of communism. But since “Rock Me Amadeus” was released on June 11th, 1986, that is clearly the best day, month, and year of the best decade ever.

Besides secretly humming “Rock Me Amadeus” for at least three hours a day, every person born on June 11th, 1986 has these exact things in common.

  1. According to a 2008 Princeton University study you reached your physical peak in 2013. Unless you are a woman. You June 11th-er ladies still have three more years until the gentle decline towards oblivion. Get it girls!
  2. You vomit uncontrollably when someone says P. Diddy instead Puff Daddy.
  3. Completely left-handed. Like you have no fingers where your right hand should be left-handed. Of course this is statistically impossible. But anything was possible on June 11th, 2016, the day world truly began turning.
  4. You are 29 years old and turning 30 on June 11th, 2016! *fingers crossed*
  5. When Sugar Ray’s “Every Morning” plays you simultaneously laugh, weep, urinate and Hula Hoop. Because YOU get it. July 13th ‘86ers and October 23rd ‘88ers never will! And September 45ers 1445ths aren’t even real!
  6. According to the United States Census Bureau 13.7% of you live in New York City. Big Apple baby!
  7. You also LOVE apples. This clearly sets you apart from the otherwise identical masses of humanity.
  8. All your friend hate Shia LaBeouf, but you have always defended him. And never quite knew why. Of course it’s because he was born On June 11th, 1986 Silly! Eighty6 JuneBugz Unite!
  9. Above your bed hangs a newspaper clipping entitled, “Two Speech Writers Leave White House: Conservatives Depart After Friction Over Tone of Reagan Rhetoric.” Whenever you are stressed, you remember the momentous day of your birth. Then this topsy-turvy universe begins to make sense. Even American History professors at Harvard University have no idea what this headline really means.
  10. You just know everything would be better if they still sold Dunkaroos. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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