Never Give Up, But Learn To Let Go

Nicole Mason
Nicole Mason

Occasionally we miss the correct opportunities due to our inability to let go of certain dead aspects in our lives. Yes, good traits to have as a person include having patience, enduring through tough seasons and never giving up on our dreams but there’s a difference between doing that and failing to recognize the need to let something go.

Perhaps you’re in a partnership with a longtime friend of yours; the business is not doing well and you can see the fault lies in your incompatible partnership but you persist, and carry on thinking “things will get better with time”. No. Just because he or she is your old friend should not be an excuse to keep driving a car with no wheels.

That’s just one example; people are not the only things that we may need to let go – certain habits can also be a hindrance to your progression. At the end of your day, find time to be alone and have a self-reflection on your life, where you’ve come from, where you are, and where you are going.

Are you happy with your actions and habits? Is there anything you’re doing that you know is wrong yet still you persist? Let it go.

Never give up on your dreams and vision, but remember that there are multiple routes available to get to that point. Do not be stuck on the wrong road just because you feel it’s the only way to get to your dream. Open your eyes. Be faithful and expectant of finding a new path once you let go of the wrong one. The problem many of us have is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of doing something new, fear of letting go of what we have because we feel we cannot replace it with better.

The same applies to employees in the workforce. Maybe you’re in what you consider a dead end job; you’re bored, unhappy and stagnant yet you refuse to quit because you don’t know how else you’ll make ends meet. Have faith that when you close that door, another one will open. Life is too short to be stuck doing what you do not enjoy simply because you have to earn money. To what end? Be smart, make peace with your decision then begin to hunt for the new door while you have only your foot in the current one.

Sometimes the opportunity will only present itself once you let go of the current situation completely. For the 20-somethings reading this, money is not everything. Do not be afraid to leave your boring job just because you’re making good money. Be wise, create a second or even third source of income from the same boring job then let it go and find another.

It is possible to lead a happy fulfilling and wealthy life doing something you love, so let go of the wrong thing and make way for the right one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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