What It’s Like Being In A Long Distance Relationship

image - Flickr / Sophia Louise
image – Flickr / Sophia Louise

When you’re in a long distance relationship, time means everything to you. It’s not just about the time zones and vacation dates, but the moments you’re actually together when time really matters. You’ll rearrange schedules, put off appointments, squeeze in a lunch date with him – anything to spend more time together, anything to create more memories. You’ll have a checklist of activities – bike rides, ice-skating, water parks – and you’ll do things you never thought you would (or could) do. You’ll ride a tandem bike together, and he’ll get frustrated when you steer the bike into a tree, but you’ll laugh about it after. And you’ll wish you could somehow store that feeling – that fleeting moment of pure content – for days you really need to feel happy, even for just a moment.

Soon, you’ll realize that being with him is like a drug. When you’re together, you’ll feel so high, so happy in ways you’ve never really felt before. Your friends will ask you how do you do it, why do you do it, but you won’t care. Because all you’ll want is more time, more of that happy-for-no-reason feeling. But when he leaves yet again, the withdrawal symptoms will hit you – your heart will feel empty, so empty it’s almost painful – and you’ll keep craving for more.

When you’re in a long distance relationship, you don’t have the luxury of time. You’ll hesitate about spending the day in, just lazing around and doing nothing. Because you feel like you should be out there, doing something Instagram-worthy and making your limited time together worth it. But you’ll soon realize that, as corny as it sounds, any moment together is a moment well spent. And sometimes, the best memories you’ll have are the ones where you just lie in each other’s company, talking and laughing and sharing your deepest secrets. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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