10 Things Every Girl Should Thank Their Guy Best Friend For

Things to Thank Your Best Guy Friend:

1. Thank you for explaining sports to me.

NFL and NBA do not have the same overtime rules.

2. Thank you for going to events with me.

I did not want to go Sally’s wedding alone.

3. Thank you for telling me that guy was a fuckboy.

I should have known during the three weeks of no text or call. Especially after he told me I was “the one”.

4. Thank you for speaking your mind.

When I was in the wrong for any situation, you always told me so.

5. Thank you for being my taste hamster.

Those cookies weren’t that bad, right?

6. Thank you for teaching me how to care LESS.

That girl, who’s dating the ex I was in love with, is having a blast according to the pics on social media. Who Cares.

7. Thank you for showing me the little things matter.

The “This Reminds Me of You” gift will always be my favorite.

8. Thank you for reminding me chivalry still exists.

Opening the door for me, picking up the tab at our dinners, and getting my favorite drink while I was in the restroom.

9. Thank you for calling me for advice.

To all the Girls: Your Loss.  

10. Thank you for being my best friend.

I am so grateful for everything we have been through and looking forward to many more years of friendship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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