9 Refreshing Reasons To Date Someone Who’s Indecisive

We all don’t like settling for boring. We complain so much about being bored repetitively. Then praise for wanting “something new.”

In terms of dating, as we get older, we tend to date more frequently in hopes of finding “the one.”

During your process of finding the one, you will come in contact with many unique people, with many unique characteristics.

One can be quirky, another can be straight forward or overly jealous.

Then you meet someone special. Someone who will always be on your mind because of this one trait. The trait I am talking about is being Indecisive.

When people think of indecisiveness, nothing good ever comes to mind. The obvious reason is because they cannot seem to make up their minds. Now, call me weird but I encourage people to date indecisive people. Why?

1. Because they will always keep you on your feet. You will never get bored.

2. Because you will get the best of both worlds. Sometimes they know what they want, other times they dont. Which is okay.

3. Because they will never settle for anything. They will always know why it’s the right decision.

4. Because they live in the moment. Not in the future, where things can be misread.

5. Because they will always have a good story behind their wishy-washy mind. Which means they are funny without even trying. Who doesn’t want to date someone who cannot make you laugh?

6. Because they will see the good in everything. No need to look at one view.

7. Because they can make you an emotional person. Their minds will make you drained but you know they are worth it.

8. Because they will challenge you. They’ll bring out the things you never knew about yourself.

9. Because we all have a little indecisiveness in us. We are human and we are learning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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