39 Thoughts You’ll Have When You Stay In On A Saturday Night That Have Nothing To Do With FOMO

Ever heard the term “FOMO”? Well if you haven’t,it stands for “Fear of Missing Out.”
Nowadays, it feels like we NEED to go out. We NEED to stop staying in. We NEED to meet new people.

I somewhat agree with that, but what is wrong with spending some time with yourself, especially on a weekend?

It’s great to give yourself at least ONE weekend out of the month to just do nothing but be lazy!

It relaxes your mind, body and wallet.

Say you stay in on one Saturday night. Some of your thoughts may go like this:

1. “Finally, a night to myself!!”

2. “Should I cook something?”

3. “Nah, I’ll just get a pizza.”

4. “I hope Netflix surprises me with a new movie.”

5. “Dammit, guess I’ll finish watching Friends.”

6. *Opens Facebook* “I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. That’s something I care; Like.”

7. “I’m never leaving this couch.”

8. *Opens Twitter* Tweet “Saturday night in! Jealous??”

9. *Scrolls through Snapchat* “Ugh, I don’t want to read all of these stories.”

10. “Maybe I should order Dominos now.”

11. “Should I add wings? Why not, I’m not seeing anyone tonight!”

12. *Opens Facebook again* “Wait, wasn’t I just on this?” *Closes Facebook*

13. “Can the pizza get here already?”

14. “It’s a Saturday and I’ll drink a coke if I want to!”

15. “Finally pizza is here! With wings!”

16. “Ooo the pizza delivery person was pretty cute.”

17. “I hope they don’t think I’m a loser for staying in. Oh well!”

18. “What else is on Netflix?”

19. “Meh, nothing. But Inception is on TNT right now.”

20. “Gah it feels so good on this couch!”

21. “Better than being in a loud bar.”

22. “Or club. With overpriced drinks!”

23. “Want to know how much this coke was? $1! Or, well, free!”

24. *Takes selfie with food* “Should I post this on my IG or Snap story?”

25. “Nah, I won’t post it.”

26. “It’s already 10:30pm?”

27. “Wow, I can’t believe this would be the time to ARRIVE at a bar/club.”

28. “How do I do it?”

29. “Oh yeah, I’m a badass.”

30. “My phone is super dry right now.”

31. “Guess everyone forgot about me.”

32. “Whatever. Forget them!”

33. “Just me and my pizza.”

34. “I’m so looking forward to getting a good night sleep without a hangover.”

35. “Probably should be going to bed soon.”

36. “All this fun has made me sleepy.”

37. “Great Saturday well spent!”

38. “Gotta do this more often.”

39. “I love me.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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