4 Cheesy Dates That Are Totally Cliché, But That Everyone Should Go On At Least Once

I’ll be the first to admit, I may be considered what you call a “hopeless romantic.” I like fairy tales, happy endings and just like Ted Mosby, I will always have a little “hope.” People may consider being a hopeless romantic as someone who has high expectations. Personally to me, there is not such things as high expectations because someone out there will always meet them, one way or another.

Everyone has a little hopeless romantic side in them. It just takes the right (or the wrong) person to bring it out.

With that being said, we all love date nights right?

Well here are 4 Dates everyone must do:

1. Picnic in the park

How peaceful and romantic that you can share a little homemade sandwhich, fresh cut fruit and homemade desserts with her.The effort and time you put into this will make her smile from ear to ear. Also, it’ll help you figure out what she likes and doesn’t like. As well as being a better cook.

2. Handwritten letter, poem, or song

The words you put into this are priceless but anything that comes from the heart is so sweet. Start off with something you like about her. Whether it’s her hair color, her laugh or her love for cheese sticks. After that, it will come out naturally.

3. Star gazing

Whether you live in the country in Georgia or in the bright city of LA, just hop into the car, and have a mini road trip to the country. While staring at the dark sky, getting lost in a trance, having deep conversations, talking about how beautiful this view is, laying in silence. If you’re lucky, make a wish if you see a shooting star. Don’t forget a blanket!

4. Watch the sunrise/sunset together

There is something about how the sky can turn from one boring clor then into a beautiful canvas. Blessed to see another day come and go while sitting next to someone you care about. Priceless! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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