How To Spend A Day Off (The Right Way)

 Benjamin Combs
Benjamin Combs

Here’s the thing: no matter what day your day off falls on, you should enjoy it to the best of your ability. I spend much more time with the people I work with then the ones I call my best friends or family. I also spend much more time with the work folk than I do myself. So when I have a day off, you best believe imma do what I wanna do. Whether that means going to lunch with a friend and reminiscing or creating memories that will last a lifetime, or sitting on your couch all damn day and ignoring all of your loved ones calls and messages, this day is for you.

You work hard, and you deserve a little bit of whatever you want.

1. Drink Coffee.

I cannot stress this enough. For this to be the day off I had truly hoped for you, dear reader, you must drink coffee. I will only waiver here for tea. Coffee or tea, or everything will be off-kilter for the rest of your splendid day off. This part is so important because it sets the mood. It’s a comfort. It makes you feel cozy and at home and that’s what this day is all about!

Warning: Do not make a whole pot for yourself. We’re not running a race today folks.

2. Stay in PJ’s.

Comfy clothes all day today ladies and gents. If for some reason you wish to not be in the jim-jams you rolled around in all night, you may change into something of equal comfort. Just make sure that you are as comfortable as you could possibly be. Maybe put on a robe and feel not only comfy, but also fancy. Slippers do help as well.

3. Smoke Marijuana.

Now this is where the people who do not enjoy the wonderful stylings of cannabis may leave and live another day off type of life, as this is an essential part of this particular day off. It doesn’t matter if you smoke a little, or if you smoke all day, however for me, I just smoked once and it was all this old girl needs. This is not only going to relax you if you decided an afternoon nap is in store, but also will help in the next part of this guide.

4. Eat something crazy good.

If for some reason you cannot find anything good in the home, do not leave. I repeat do not leave the home. This is a delivery type of day situation and you should be in pajamas throughout the duration. What if you decide to brave the streets and see an ex or a handsome mail man perhaps? It’s too risky. Either create some delicious meal for yourself from goods hidden in your pantries, or Yelp it. And then enjoy it. Enjoy it hard. Not only will it be scrumptious because you’re high as a kite on the Fourth of July, but also because it’s all for you baby boo and it is your day.

5. Watch the movie Glitter.

If you’re not familiar, the movie was made in 2001 and features a young Mariah Carey, or Mimi, as some would say, finding her way into the spotlight after overcoming a troubling childhood, and also stirring up a rather rocky relationship with her “handsome” love interest. Whether you’re into Mariah or not, which truth be told I really am not, this is a must watch/rewatch. Maybe it’s the weed talking, or maybe it’s the beautiful opening where the young Mariah and her cigarette-smoking mother (she lights the house on fire later by falling asleep with a cigarette in her hand *spoiler alert*) chills you to the bones with their bluesy musical stylings in a dark night club. Seriously, give it a go. If you hate it, you are more than welcome to Netflix binge your heart out.

You may end this wondrous day off any way you please, really. For example, I shall be sharing a bottle of wine with my dear mother tonight while we watch The Bachelor. It doesn’t matter how this day ends, as long as during it you’ve taken some time to enjoy yourself – relax and recharge.

We’re constantly moving, constantly doing. We don’t always have time to catch up on our favorite show, or eat the things we truly love. Or sleep in and enjoy the comforts of our bed and feel the pleasure of rest. Today, I hope you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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