10 Types Of People You Encounter In A Grocery Store

robert terrell
robert terrell

Doing the groceries can be a little bit tiring and fun at the same time, depending on your outlook in life. Despite the array of products, competition, prices, freebies, discounted ones, and other things on your plate, there is another thing you might want to consider – the types of grocery shoppers you will encounter. 

  1. The hoarder. You see them getting packages and boxes of chips, dairy, crackers, school supplies, and so on, like there is an apocalypse coming. They have a pushcart full of things a mini-grocery storeowner would have (0r maybe they just really like buying in bulk?).
  2. The one-stop-shop buyer. You see them making the entire place like a 7-11 and buying what they need, on that day, at any given time within their convenience. These people can be you who just forgot his toiletries or a basket of goodies for your officemate’s party later at lunch. They are the fastest people you’d encounter inside the area, looking for fast lanes, and express lanes.
  3. The swipe-‘til-you-drop buyer. These people feel like they won the lottery and shop until they can see their hands full of stuff they either need or want. Can be a hoarder, but they either use a credit card or pay via their ATM card. Paperless and with ease.
  4. The coupon shopper. Who doesn’t love coupons? Although you know it is another marketing strategy to let you buy more than what you really need; coupons can manipulate your psyche by telling yourself you can save more, when in fact, you just wanted to use it really, out of necessity.
  5. The let-me-have-my-discount/loyalty-card buyer. Several discount and loyalty cards give benefits to make sure these people stick to them through thick and thin. This is similar as the coupon shopper who wanted to save more when buying. Honestly, everybody goes gaga over sales/discounts!
  6. The free-taste fanatic. My mother and I love these small kiosks and free-taste food stalls when we go to the grocery stores. Whether or not you like the brand, whether or not you will buy right after, it’s your choice. But freebies are the best! #FreeFood
  7. The one trying to figure out what’s next on his list. Beware of these people, for indecisiveness eats up a lot of your time. But one skill you can actually learn from them is foresight, like time needed to shop, your allotted budget, and most importantly the list of things you need to buy.
  8. The one who always has the list. And when you have the list, it can give way to more important things that are part of your bigger day activities, like seeing a movie with your loved ones, or a dinner date. Efficiency is key, shoppers!
  9. The impulsive buyer. You know these people too well, or maybe you’ve been one. Impulsiveness drives guilt afterwards, but you’d rationalize later on that this won’t happen again because you really, really, really like the dress (or it’s on sale!).
  10. The one who looks for the shortest queue at the counter. These people are like contestants in The Amazing Race, trying to look for the shortest lines possible. Who likes to fall in long queues anyway? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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