6 Reasons You Need A Gay Best Friend

Happy Endings: Season 2
Happy Endings: Season 2

Society’s a-changing, and the next (almost big) thing you might want to consider is to include and accept gay people in your circle, and see the world unfold with ravishing, splendid, and vivacious colors.

1. Gays are the best in terms of giving advice. Best meaning brutal, straight-to-the-point, advice you can only hear next to your mom’s. “Would you like to wear that sweatshirt from Forever 21? It makes you look fat.” Or a little sensible like, “Stop pleasing all the bitches in your office. You’re not a clown.”

2. Your battle is his/her battle as well. What are friends are for, right? They may never be there with you every day, but having a gay best friend in this world means sharing the same ideals and fighting for what you think matters, like equal rights for women, same sex marriage, and advocacies for LGBTQs and/or healthcare.

3. They give the best non-awkward hugs. Ditch the homophobes. Gay people give the tightest, warmest, and longest hugs you could ever ask for. We all need hugs in our lives, and having someone to hug you is one of the priceless things you can get.

4. A gay BFF makes you feel better during heartbreaks. Yes, you may want to have a roll of tissue beside you as you cry your heart out. Yet, gays are also humans, and they believe that heartbreak is only a phase, which needed some comforting and singing to a Beyonce song later on.

5. Being single does not suck. While some couples need to constantly see each other during the weekends, or over the holidays, your gay BFF is a go-to person to catch up on your favorite shows, and see what your other friends are doing when they’re not around. Yes to that.

6. There is nothing more real than a gay BFF with no pretense. They can be too honest for you, or too frank that you’re gaining weight, but heck, no other person in this world can tell you what they see in you – and you need that. You need someone to tell you without hesitation how strong you are, how great your aspirations in life are, or even how stupid you are for buying that expensive clothes.

It won’t hurt to have a gay best friend. It would when you think they don’t make this world a better place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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