10 Dating Deal-Breakers You Should Know

The Office: The Complete Series
The Office: The Complete Series

Dating is a tedious process, but the process makes us more cunning in terms of knowing the real motives, and reasons why you date the person. But there are just these deal-breakers which are, for me and for some people, non-negotiable.

  1. He’s from the north, you’re from the south. Maybe for some distance does not matter, but remember, distance does not always make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes, it makes the heart forget.
  2. She assumes he will always pay the bill. Unless you’re dating an Oliver Queen who is a billionaire, then fine. But a woman who knows her value pays the bill and does not need to negotiate regarding that matter. If he insists, then make sure you don’t abuse the courtesy.
  3. S/he constantly looks at his/her phone while you’re together. Constantly checking your phone especially when you are together speaks rudeness. Keep that in your bag!
  4. S/he doesn’t respect your opinions. Whether or not you agree on something, opinions still matter, and whether you like the person’s thoughts or not, just keep your comments to yourself.
  5. S/he does have a lot of opinions – about herself/himself. Anything too much is toxic, and one form of toxicity in life is narcissism. Get rid of this person right now or forever get lost in his insecurities.
  6. S/he talks too much about his/her exes. You’re in a dinner date with this hot person, but all s/he talks about is the past relationships s/he has been into. Ridiculous.
  7. You overthink and have some trust issues. Every relationship is built on trust. You can’t expect to love someone if you don’t trust yourself, you don’t trust your partner, and don’t give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you’re the one having issues, so you might also need to assess yourself on this one.
  8. You are obsessed with him/her. You might consider this a threat in your relationship, just in case you want to pursue him/her. Obsession is not love. You’re just trying to hurt the other person if you continuously ask him where he is, what he does, how he’s been up today, and so on – every single time you got. You also have a life waiting for you. Have time for yourself.
  9. You think you own him/her. In reality, you don’t own anybody. Dating is not owning and be owned – it’s a symmetric, beneficial, and mutual relationship built on compassion, trust, and open communication.
  10. S/he has mommy/daddy issues. Don’t date these people. Just don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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