10 Statements And Questions That Are Really Offensive To The LGBTQ Community


We live in this era and we’re luckier to be embracing paradigm shifts we’re having. There’s no stopping LGBTQ to push for equality and respect we all deserve. Pride marches are everywhere, held from year to year.

However, there are questions our folks ask us, even when we’re with our friends, that are eyebrow-raising, and we just shake them off.

1. “Aww. It’s such a shame. You’re so cute to be a gay guy, you know!”
No, you don’t get start on me with this.

2. “So, who’s the guy/girl in your relationship?”
There no point in determining and labeling who’s who in a relationship. It doesn’t matter who wears a heavier scent, and who does the groceries, does it?

3. “But why are you like that?!”
Uhm, why not?

4. “You’re such a great catch for women out there!”
No, not even with this. Just because I look good doesn’t mean I have no right to date other guys. And does it have to come with looks?

5. “I still pray you’d change. You know, be ‘normal’.”
Keep your god to yourself. We’re not talking about religion here. And what century are you living in? What’s normal anyway?

6. “It’s just a phase! You’d get to pass through it.”
No darling. There’s no such thing as a phase in determining your sexual orientation and your identity. Some are just getting there, but definitely not a phase.

7. “You can’t start a family if you two are guys/girls.”
I live with three dogs, two fishes in my tank, and I’m close to adopting a cat. Can I not consider them my family? Two men can eat a quiche together, you know.

8. “You’re just experimenting, right?”
You’re kidding, right?

9. “When did you choose to be gay?”
When did you choose your orientation? You don’t remember? Neither do I!

10. “Do you know the Bible condemns your actions?”
Oh. Just shut up.

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