Here Is How You Stop Waiting For Someone To Come Back

To The Ones Who Have Always Settled For Less

We live in a generation that tells us you have to be with somebody else and if you are not with somebody else, you are not complete.

All around us, we are told that if you find the perfect person and fall in love with them, you will be content.

Because we live in a generation that tells us it is not okay to be alone or independent, we settle for less than we deserve. We look at a person and create an image of what we want them to be in our head and we pretend that they are someone they are not.

We are more in love with the idea of love than we are with the person standing right in front of us.

Stop settling for a figment of your imagination. Stop trying to form another person into who you want them to be just because you don’t want to be alone. Would you rather meet someone right now and have a decent relationship with them or wait for a few years and meet the love of your life? So many people waste their time just because they want someone.

I am here to tell you that it is okay to be alone for a little while. It is okay to take some time to focus on yourself and love who you are before you give all of your love away to somebody else. I am also here to tell that you that you will find someone who will love each and every part of you.

Wait for somebody who looks at you and makes your heart beat a hundred times per minute. Wait for the one who will talk to you for hours about the simplest things yet still the most complex. Wait for somebody who challenges you to become a better person in ways that you could never imagine. Wait for someone who will love you unconditionally and someone who will look at you and see everything that they have ever wanted.

The right person will hug you through the tears and laugh with you about the silly things in life.

They will never want to leave your side They will adore you and they will be the one who made you thankful that you stopped settling for less. TC mark

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