You Deserve So Much More Than ‘Almost’

Gül Kurtaran / Unsplash

If I had to choose one word in the entire world that I hate the most, that word would be “almost.”

The dictionary defines the word almost as, “Not quite, very nearly.”

You see, this word can apply to a lot of different things throughout life, but it should never apply to a relationship. I am a firm believer in taking risks and putting your heart on the line. I believe in second chances and that people can change. I believe that some fear commitment because they have been hurt in the past and that is okay.

However, I do not believe in allowing the word “almost” to apply to your relationship. There is a difference between not living with regret and there is a difference between taking unnecessary risks that may destroy you. Entering a relationship where the other person is unsure will ruin you. It like living with the fear that you will never be good enough. That person tells you that you are not good enough for commitment. They tell you that you are not worthy of being seen with them. They tell you that you are “very nearly enough, but quite enough.”

Not everything in life should be a mind game. If somebody wants to be with you, they will be with you. They will not find excuses to say that it would never work. They will not avoid your texts or calls and they will not only give part of themselves in a relationship.

If you enter an “almost relationship” I believe that reflects more on how you feel about yourself rather than the other person. I am not saying that you are an awful human if you have fallen for someone who is unsure of what they want. I am saying that you deserve more than someone who frequently applies the word “almost” to their life.

You deserve love and beauty. You deserve someone who will tell all of their friends about you and proudly hold your hand in public. You deserve real dates and a relationship that means something.

You deserve certainty.

You deserve consistency.

You deserve the world and so much more. TC mark

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