9 Vital Life Lessons We Should All Learn Early On

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Oskar Krawczyk

1. Love yourself. People will love you in you in ways you cannot possibly imagine but they will also tear you down & hurt you in ways you cannot possibly imagine. At the end of the day you have yourself & life becomes so much better when you fall in love with yourself first.

2. Do not find your identity is someone else. You are not the person that hurt you & that pain does not determine the rest of your life.

3. Do not take your friends for granted. Especially the ones who check up on you to make sure you’re okay. Sometimes it’s okay if your mom is your best friend, she’s had your back when no one else has.

4. You are better than becoming a tool for someone’s pleasure. Do not let people use or manipulate you into becoming a piece in their game just because you love them.

5. Your insecurities do not rule your life. Do not allow them to take over the way you think. Not everyone is constantly noticing your flaws.

6. Regret will become your most familiar emotion if you chose not to live. Tell that person you love them, go on the adventure you’ve been wanting to, have fun.

7. It’s okay to cry. Emotions are part of being human, do not be ashamed to show your pain or your happiness. Do not be afraid to show people the way that you feel about them.

8. Hating someone won’t make you happy. Hating the one who betrayed you or the one who broke your heart isn’t going to fix you.

9. Healing takes time. Some nights it’s going to feel like you cannot breathe because the pain is so overwhelming, other nights you won’t be able to stop laughing. I promise that one day you will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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