10 Things I Want My Boyfriend To Do For Me


1. I want him to take me to an art museum, stroke my hair and tell me I’m the prettiest thing in the room. I want you to believe I’m prettier than Mona Lisa and Picasso’s Olga and I’ll believe you’re hotter than Ian Somerhalder.

2. I want him to put my favorite music album on while we clean up the house, even though he doesn’t like it as much. I know you don’t like The Killers, but they’re my favorite and I swear we’ll listen to Arctic Monkeys while we have sex.

3. I want to come home tired after a day of studying or work and find him shirtless, making me a drink. And then I want to make him a drink shirtless. This will be convenient for me, because I drink margaritas and you drink fireball.

4. I want us to take a walk after a lovely dinner and him to buy me flowers from the man selling them in the street. They don’t even have to be colorful or sweet, they just have to be from you. Our love should buy that man bread that night.

5. I want him to write me a poem full of angst and fury, cursing the way I made him fall for me. I want him to leave it on my desk, and when he gets home after I’ve read the letter, I want him to kiss me passionately and then keep his forehead glued to mine while he looks me in the eyes. I need you to understand yourself completely and try to understand me; I want you to love me ‘just because’, and not for a reason or many reasons.

6. I want him to accidentally tell me he loves me for the first time when I’ve made him his favorite dinner or made him laugh his ass off. And then I want you to excuse yourself and act like you don’t feel my eyes on you all night long.

7. I want him to whisper sweet nothings in my hair while he thinks I’m sleeping. I promise, I’m only keeping my eyes closed because I want to remember them all.

8. I want him to spend half of year abroad and then show up at my door without any notification; I want him to kiss me like he hasn’t seen me for his entire life. I don’t even want you to let me know you’re thinking of coming home. I don’t like surprises but I like you.

9. I want him to make me laugh. Especially when I’m crying my eyes off because I don’t have the will to keep studying or I fought with a friend.

10. I want him to tell me he loves me only once in a while, but let me know when he stopped. I want to be honest. I don’t want you to shower me with ‘I love you’; I don’t need you to remind me every day as long as you promise you’ll tell me when you stop loving me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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