The 5 (Annoying) People You See On Facebook


1. The Show-off

She lives her life by the “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” book. Basically, her mantra is “If it’s not on Insta, it didn’t happen.” Like when she scores an invite to exclusive parties, she makes sure to snap a photo with all the “Who’s Who.”

To put it mildly, she’s the Scott Disick of social media.

P.S. Don’t forget her OOTD with special hashtags for the designer bag, shoes and clothes.

2. The Chronic Complainer

She will always have something to bitch about – whether her lack of birthday present or maybe even a chipped nail. Nothing makes her happy, so she has to drag everyone else to swim with her in her misery pool. She’s angry because she didn’t get her new car in her favorite color or that her iPhone 6 Plus is space grey and not gold.

She’s like the unpolished version of number 1.

3. The Freelance Model

She sits down and takes fifty photos – each with a different angle, a slight smirk or pout, a raised eyebrow or that infamous “surprised look.” She’s been invited once or twice by a friend with a DSLR camera and whaddya know – she changes her work to “freelance model” and probably on her way to rubbing shoulders with Doutzen Kroes and Tyra Banks.

And she loves her “friends” so much that she makes sure to snap a selfie every day just so they won’t forget what she looks like.

4. The Know-it-all

Or rather she thinks she knows it all. For every issue or popular story, no matter how petty or mundane, she has to give her two cents. It’s like having the editorial page on your feed albeit with just a tad more substance than a bag of Lays.

Take note: sometimes, she gets the point across but more often than not, it’s just word vomit.

5. The Ninja

She barely posts, likes or comments. Sometimes, you even forget she’s on your friends list. But when you bump into her at the mall or someplace else, she mentions one of your photos or old status updates. Dude, what else does she know?


Okay, so maybe it’s easier to unfriend or unfollow these people. But let’s face it; they keep social media interesting, don’t they? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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