20 Micro Lessons I Learned Before Turning 20


What has life got to offer? A lot of things, but they don’t come as a gift that you just have to unwrap. Like a video game, you need to have the strength and courage to fight in order to win, and bingo! You get all the coins. But it’s not just a coin we’re talking here. It’s the game itself, and how to play it wisely.

This list is basically composed of personal experiences. Others are secondhand, and there are some from the books I read or movies I watched.

1. Everything you are capable of thinking needs to have an outlet.

Or else you’re going to explode. You see, there’s a lot to do with the world aside from posting rants on social media. Compose a poem, paint it out, or even write a song. The world gets better with one less social media issue and more artists showing up.

2. You can’t choose the people who enter your life, but you can choose who to trust it with.

Stop staying with those who destroy your self-esteem. There will be many people who would like to see you fall, do not allow them to get what they want. Stay with people who are good for your mental health. Be with people who do the same things you do.

3. Time does betray.

Sometimes you have it all, sometimes you lose it all. Do not trust time for it doesn’t exist.

4. There are no next times, just live the moment.

Opportunity knocks only once, make the most out of it. Do not trade that honest conversations with your friends for a wi-fi and social media update. Enjoy the concert all through out and just put your camera down.

5. You can’t make something happen by just praying it would.

Supernatural forces got nothing to do with success. You only have your own power and the will to do things. Do not wait for miracles to happen. Success is achieved by getting up of that bed and by starting to do things.

6. You can own things but not people; you can belong to people but not to things.

Never confuse both. But take care of the things that you own, and take care of the people who loves you.

7. Say things honestly only when you are asked.

Honesty is good, but be careful of what you share and to whom you share it. Some people would take advantage but most just won’t care.

8. You don’t have to take life seriously.

Remember, you’ll never get out alive. Have some fun. It’s okay to get fucked up sometimes. Try that one thing you are most afraid of. It’s okay to have failing grades if that’s the limit of your capacity. Failing grades don’t mean failing life. Those who cannot get over a failure are the ones who failed in life.

9. The happier you are, the kinder you get.

Stay away from being bitter. Happiness is contagious, and so is kindness.

10. Nothing beats someone who reads books, watches different films, and listens to all kinds of music.

These elements help you become better and intellectual person. While you still can, read all the books you can, watch every film you have, listen to all kinds of music there is.

11. You don’t have to keep in touch with a true friend.

A true friend communicates through the heart. When you see each other after a long time, everything becomes more exciting.

12. You’re the only one who can control yourself.

Be careful. People love power. Stay grounded. Control only yourself, do not include others.

13. “If it’s meant to be, it will be” is a hoax.

Get things done, my dear. A diploma will not just come and wake you up one morning.

14. Take care of your body.

Your future self will thank you for it.

15. Learn new things one at a time.

It’s good to be multi-skilled but someone who’s good at everything will never be the best at something.

16. If you want something to happen, focus on doing it.

Remind yourself of what you need to do and why you need to do it. But always remember that it’s okay to change goals.

17. Write everything.

Ideas, events, quotes on that film, lyrics, letters. The ones you never want to forget. Just write it down. You never know what good it’ll bring. Have a handy notebook and a pen ready wherever, whenever.

18. Conquer evil with good.

Revenge is a no-no. You don’t have to prove people wrong, focus on proving yourself to the world.

19. Maturity knows no age. 

It’s not about having graduated at high school or losing your virginity or reaching a milestone. It’s when you realize something in you has changed and you accept that you can never go back again.

20. Live while you’re alive.

There’s more to life than having a decent job or earning a good salary. Do not just live to pay taxes!

That’s it! There may have been instances that we still don’t learn our lesson although we already went through the same experience. Maybe there are just moments we can’t accept something to be just a lesson learned, rather an item to correct. You see, “take” may have the prefix “mis” and get a mistake, but we all got another prefix which is “re” for us to retake. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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