10 Things That Will Make You Smile Right Now

1. Bands are back, baby.


From Phoenix to Imagine Dragons to Atlas Genius to Alt-J to The Neighbourhood, to Haim… our generation is hyping around bands. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

Shout out to: Small Pools. So excited for you guys.

2. Summer is over. So no more of this:


3. Tis’ the season of candles, blankets, tea & Adam Levine on NBC Monday & Tuesday nights. Double the pleasure. Double the fun.

The Voice

4. We are steadily approaching award show season.

This means Oscar contender movies are & will be making their journey to the big screen. I’m going out on a limb and predicting it to be the year of Matthew McConaughey. Have you seen the trailer for The Dallas Buyers Club? You’ve come a long way since Failure to Launch, my friend. I’ve forgiven both you and SJP for that one. No worries.

5. This also means that the holidays are also just around the corner: family, friends & food in my mouth via not-so-secret 2am visits to the kitchen. Nom.

Mrs. Doubtfire

6. Whoever invented these: Thank you. My feet have always had a yearning for personal blankets.


7. Gas prices are slowly but surely going down. At least I don’t need to pop a Xanax anymore before taking a trip to fill up.


Breaking Bad

8. The government is no longer shut down. I was really freaking out, you guys.

Harry Potter

9. SNL is so good this year. The government shut down helped.


10. Get excited about the leaves changing, the crisp air & a faint smell of cinnamon drifting from gift shop to gift shop. It’s a magnificent time of the year. So for just one second, take a deep breath. In this very moment, everything is ok. And when you can, go play in the leaves.

Hocus Pocus

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