10 Things Girls Do When Their Boyfriend Is Out Of Town

1. Eat Right Out Of The Pot.

You heard. Couch. Sweats. Your man’s t-shirt. And macaroni & cheese right out of the goddamn pot. As Miley would say, “Only God Can Judge Ya”.


2. Watch Endless Amounts Of Romantic Comedies.

I’m currently watching When Harry Met Sally. I’m also, almost halfway done with my macaroni (in case you were wondering).

When Harry Met Sally

3. Let Em Hang.

No bra Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Swing low, sweet chariot.

She’s The Man

4. Scroll Through All Of Your Text Messages.

I mean all of them. You’ve run out of people to talk to, and you’re making your best friends uncomfortable with your sudden dependency.


5. All Of A Sudden You Have Ample Amounts Of Time On Your Hands.

And you can’t violate the code and watch your relationship HBO and AMC shows because he’s not there. So you run. And attempt a few sit-ups. Push-ups. And. Back to mochi & A Walk to Remember.

Legally Blonde

6. Immerse Yourself In A Good Book.

I personally recommend any Chelsea Handler memoir.

Beauty And The Beast

7. Talk To Yourself

What did you just say, Mumbles?

Easy A

8. Disgusting Habits.

You can loose yourself in your old habits. Whatever they may be. Personally, I don’t want to know. But I know you have them.

Liar Liar

9. Cry.

Get allllll of your emotional sh*t out. So he doesn’t need to see it, hear it, and witness it. Throw in a few stamping of the feet, and exasperated breathing. Just for the dramatics.

The Hills

10. Shopping &/Or Online Shopping.

You just boosted the economy.

image –Joshin Yamada

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