10 Reasons I’m Rooting For Lindsay Lohan



No matter what kind of day I am having, if the Parent Trap is on, Halle & Annie revert me back to childhood with their witty banter, peanut butter drenched Oreos & sun kissed-summer camp handshake that I memorized. You memorized. And we all tried on our English accents, asked our parents for a butler and dreamt of having an identical twin. Somewhere out there.

Also. Dennis Quaid is like that sexually attractive, charming father that you always have a strange thing for. I digress.


America loves an underdog. I love the underdog. I can’t imagine if I was having a sh*tty couple of YEARS and it was being televised, written about and recreated as costumes for Halloween. Are you kidding me? It’s impressive the lady is still standing on her feet.


The girl is honest. And she knows how to poke fun at herself. Sure, in a couple of years she’ll be crazy Aunt Lindsay. But, she’ll also give you great advice for what happens after you hit rock bottom, and she’s probably not judgmental. Do you know how liberating that is? To not have someone judge you?


She gave us the whimsical romance of Lilo & Dj Ronson. It was entertaining. Like watching the Real L Word. But better. C’mon.


She had her own leg amputated in her thriller movie, I Know Who Killed Me. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. You don’t come back from that.


She has a one on one with Queen Oprah. OPRAH. The majestic, afro-dazzling, momma bear, godchild of Maya Angelou (probably). It airs this Sunday. You know you want to watch it.


Her parents are insane. Enough said. America goes crazy during the Holiday season. Okay, every day is the holidays with the Lohan family. And I mean, in the worst way possible.



Do you know what it feels like to have the evolution of your aging be a YouTube phenomenon? Um, pretty sure we all freak out over blemishes, beer bellies & sweat stains. This girl has a YOUTUBE video of the evolution of her FACE.


She gave us Mean Girls. Let’s be serious, she should’ve won an Oscar for creating one of the most timeless pieces of work. Boo, you whore.


She’s 27 years old. Most of us are still trying to find ourselves too, you know. And. Look at that face. Look at those eyes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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