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Shocking Race Attack: Black Radio Host Gets Assaulted, Then Fired!

Jason Stitt / (
Jason Stitt / (

You won’t hear about this in the lamestream media, but last week African American radio host Deedee Banks was attacked in Times Square. Then he lost his job. Deedee is an avid photographer and was taking pictures of New York late at night when an insane white woman walked into his frame. He says it was an accident, but she seems to think it was on purpose and she retaliated by punching him five times. Deedee is not a huge guy and this woman was not exactly petite, so you can be sure the pounding was severe. Where did she think she was—the South a hundred years ago? Did she think he was a slave who got out of hand?

One of the most important things she didn’t know is that Deedee was armed. He grew up poor with an alcoholic father and works ungodly hours in New York City. He’s learned to be a little paranoid but instead of pulling his gun, he showed restraint and simply yelled an expletive at her. I assume it was “cracker.” I wish it was “white cave bitch.” She became enraged and hit him five more times.

Throughout this assault, Deedee refused to fight back. Soon, five more rednecks showed up and started to inch toward him. Instead of drawing his weapon, he barked at them like the animals they are. This seemed to work, but imagine the panic Deedee went through as this mob of white trash surrounded him in the middle of the night.

After escaping a potential lynching, Deedee took to Twitter and reported the whole thing. He called the people who attacked him “savages” and compared them to animals. He made it clear these racists had surrounded him solely because he was black. He also said they were lucky he wasn’t some illegal alien with a gun, or they might all be dead now. His insults were directed at the whites that were there, but later he said there is a huge problem with violence in the entire white community (possibly referring to Trayvon).

A day later, he lost his job at the radio station. His employers called his remarks “hate-filled,” “racially charged,” and “abhorrent.” Many racists applauded the gesture because apparently the Civil Rights Movement never happened. Banks has a huge fan base, however, and his fans were outraged. Why was Banks fired for reporting a racially based assault? Russ Parr wasn’t fired when he depicted African American Baptist ministers as lying, cheating, hedonists. Davey D claims controversy is the best way to get your point across. Nobody wants to fire him. Wendy Williams built her career on calling rappers gay. Now she has her own show. DJ Star had to threaten to sexually assault a 4-year-old to get fired, but he soon got his job back.

So why is Deedee Banks the one black DJ to get strung up? He didn’t call all whites savages. All he said about whites is that they tend to be violent, and he’s right—many of them are. White-on-black violence is off the charts! Deedee doesn’t claim to be some kind of intellectual whose remarks should be taught at universities. He repeatedly says things like, “I’m not a role model” and “I’m an idiot” on his show. He doesn’t have a column at the Washington Post. He has (sorry—had) a COMEDY radio show. This isn’t Thomas Sowell we’re talking about here. Deedee is more like his good friend, the now-deceased Patrice O’Neal. They’re both raunchy comedians with strong convictions they don’t impose on anyone. Unfortunately, we still live in a racist society and if one black man dares stand up for himself, he will lose his job. How did we get here?

Oh wait—something just came in. Sorry, the host’s name is Anthony Cumia and it turns out I got the whole thing backwards. He’s white and everyone else in the story is black. I’d like to publicly apologize for my callous choice of words. It was disgusting and does not at all reflect how I feel about any group. I deeply regret this mistake and offer my humble apology to anyone who may have been offended. TC mark


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