Fuck Donald Sterling, But Where’s The Outrage Over The Loss Of Privacy?

Donald Sterling via YouTube.
Donald Sterling via YouTube.

I was avoiding this topic because I hate sports, but a $2.5 million fine? What exactly did this guy do again?

When you take his quote in context, Donald Sterling said he doesn’t care if his girlfriend sleeps with black guys—just don’t advertise it and don’t bring them around. I used to have a similar rule with girls I was seeing (though it had nothing to do with race). I said, “I don’t care if your ex-boyfriends are around. Just make sure I don’t buy them a beer.”

If your girlfriend cheats on you in public, it’s humiliating. When she’s your wife, it’s called being a “cuckold.” In Italy, that’s one of the worst insults you can give a guy. I understand why he didn’t want her to make it public. He probably saw how crushed his wife was when he brought his mistress to games. Yes, he’s a shithead and a hypocrite. So? Do you want to see what kind of dirt we could dig up if we taped all your private phone calls and anonymous messages online? If they did that to me, I’d be escorted to Rikers in a full body harness and a Hannibal Lecter face mask.

This is the America we’re living in today. Cliven Bundy is a monster because he “wonders” something. “Bossy” is a sexist term. Everyone’s transphobic. All whites are walking around with an invisible backpack of privilege. Our poor eat too much and our racists don’t care if their girlfriends sleep with black guys. Nice problems, America. Incidentally, how would you feel about your girlfriend fucking 7-foot-tall black millionaires? If you are not OK with it, you’re more racist than Sterling and should pay, I don’t know, $3 million? By the way, he was born Donald Tokowitz. You can’t pull a Zimmerman and turn the guy into a WASP just because he said something racist.

Bill Maher was one of the few sane people to speak out about this. He said, “Calm down. Being an asshole is still legal.” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar seemed almost as sane when he said prosecuting people for private calls could lead to a whole Pandora’s box of thought-police tyranny, but he insisted Sterling is still “the villain in the story.” What a bunch of hypocrites you all are. Do you want to live in a world where you can’t even say terrible things privately on the phone? Can you imagine the kind of homophobic shit these players say to their girlfriends on the phone? Remember when Kobe Bryant called a ref a “fucking fag”? Me, neither. It barely made the news.

“Oh, but he was an asshole in the past,” I’m told. “He didn’t rent to blacks or Hispanics.” Well, why didn’t you deal with that back then? That’s illegal. The lifetime ban was for what he said on the phone, and so was the fine. That’s what’s on trial here. You can’t retroactively lump in other faux pas.

What if this was all planned? Magic Johnson is one of the most powerful people in sports. He’d love to buy the Clippers. They went from being worth $13 million to $575 million under Sterling’s ownership. Sterling wasn’t willing to sell the Clippers, and after Magic Johnson became part of this insulting call, it was on. Sterling’s girlfriend was under duress because she was being sued for $1.8 million by Sterling’s wife. Johnson had been slighted. Having Johnson’s people encourage the girlfriend to take down Sterling so Johnson could execute a very profitable revenge is plausible. If Johnson ends up buying the team, this theory becomes even more plausible.

Anyway, fuck all these people. I hate sports. I hate Sterling and his cunt girlfriend. I don’t care what they do or say in private. I don’t even care if they live or die. What I do care about is living in a country where nobody cares if a racist has his phone tapped. The apathy is far scarier than the act itself. Most Americans seem so excited when they finally catch a bona fide racist, it’s like they’re mad there isn’t enough racism around. Their indignation seems to be screaming, “Finally! We caught one.” There is more than enough outrage for what this guy said in private. Now let’s have some outrage that people are being persecuted for what they say in private, even if those people are complete douchebags. TC mark


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