Apathy Toward Tyranny

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Conspiracy theories used to involve a handful of loonies obsessing over isolated alleged events. Today, what used to be seen as freak occurrences are now an endless barrage of really serious events that only a handful of people are sane enough to recognize. Big Brother is no longer a myth, and the truly scary part is that nobody seems to care. If a tyrant is cool and he plays basketball with Jay-Z, well, then, tyranny is cool. In Barack’s America, the Gadsden Flag says, “Tread on Me.”

On Hannity last week we discussed Dinesh D’Souza’s curious indictment on charges of campaign fraud. The allegations are that he paid other people to make contributions to a political candidate he was endorsing as a way of getting around his own donation limit, and he’s facing up to two years in prison for it. Dinesh is the man behind 2016: Obama’s America, which not only criticizes Obama’s presidency, it gets deep into the president’s psyche and says Obama’s entire philosophy is flawed. On the show D’Souza explained he cannot comment on the case but admitted, “2016 was a film that does seem to have gotten under President Obama’s skin…whether this is a kind of payback remains to be seen.”

I understand liberals not caring what happens to this thorn in Obama’s side, but where’s the Republican outrage? Someone made Obama look bad and is now facing jail time. I’m not willing to call that a coincidence.

We know this administration targets conservatives. They admitted as much. When everyone else learned the IRS was targeting groups with the words “Tea Party,” “Patriot,” or “Pro-Life” in their names, Obama insisted it was a coincidence and said there is “not even a smidgen of corruption” in his administration. Eventually, the evidence became impossible to ignore and he was forced to admit they “improperly targeted conservative groups.” Then we moved on and forgot about it.

Eric Holder said the government and its propagandists need to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” When he became Attorney General, he allegedly gave guns to Mexican gangsters to prove to the world that guns can do evil things. What a coincidence. At least two incredible best sellers have been written about Fast and Furious, but the media has always seen it as old news. The death toll from this corrupt policy is in the hundreds. It makes Obama look bad so his PR team (virtually everyone outside of Fox and talk radio) chooses to ignore it.

Benghazi is another story that died on the vine. There is plenty of evidence suggesting the president knew in advance that our embassy was going to be the victim of a terrorist attack. Instead of doing anything to prevent it, he focused on changing the public’s perception of how the attack was perceived and sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice to a bunch of talk shows claiming it was about a YouTube video. Everyone bought it and Rice was rewarded a cushy job as our National Security Advisor (Kissinger’s old job). Then Hillary Clinton guaranteed one of the victims’ fathers an arrest. On what charge? Didn’t matter. Someone made the president look bad, so someone was going to jail.

Coincidentally, the government soon dug up something on Coptic Christian filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who was then sent to jail on parole violations. I screamed like a mad Scotsman about this to everyone I met, but all I got back was apathy. “He violated his parole,” they’d say, as if parole was always fair and reasonable. “What was the violation?” I’d ask, and without exception the person shrugging his shoulders wouldn’t know. Turns out his violation was that he used a fake name on the video. Theo van Gogh used his real name on his anti-Islam video and got a knife through the chest. Can we forgive a persecuted Christian for not wanting extremist Muslims to stab him? Apparently not.

The creepiest thing about the Nakoula case isn’t a man being thrown in jail as a PR stunt to save the president’s reputation. It’s what he said when he got out. “I don’t blame him,” he said of Obama upon his release. “He has a lot of responsibility.” This is the same kind of reaction you’d get from prisoners in Stalinist Russia. He’d keep them up for a week until they’d be so delirious, they’d show up in court to testify against themselves, often recommending the death penalty. Nakoula should have been treated like a political prisoner, but today’s America would rather bequeath that status to a cop killer. Benghazi only got a bit of coverage very recently, but that was after Hillary admitted it was her “biggest regret.” The media only covers scandals when politicians give them permission to do so. We’ll probably get the whole story on Fast and Furious when Holder calls it his biggest regret.

This apathy toward tyranny isn’t just prevalent with the big issues. You see it in local news stories, too. The state just took away some black kid because his parents were joking around with him in a way the government deemed too crass. They weren’t calling him a “nigger” the way a racist would. They were using the N-word as in “little fucker” the way someone who swears too much would. It’s terrible parenting to be sure, but terrible parenting it still light years better than whatever the government can do. At the other end of the racist spectrum, we recently had all the kids taken from parents who named their eldest son Adolf Hitler. It’s not a great name by any means and he’s going to learn how to fight with a moniker like that, but would the state do the same for a kid named Mao? He stacked up dead bodies to the sun—far more than Hitler did. I’m disturbed by a nanny state that takes its name so literally, but I’m way more disturbed by the lack of indignation. The reaction to both of these cases on the Internet and among the people I know ranged from “good” to “harrumph.”

You talk to these same people about a traffic jam Chris Christie may have known about, and they use adjectives such as “scary.” Isn’t the state taking away your kids scarier than being late for work?

The NSA is one of the few scandals the media seemed to care about, but their reporting on it is cursory. The American left is so self-obsessed the only thing to get them off the couch is the thought of the government reading their emails. They see it as their right to anonymously post racist comments about Michelle Malkin, and the idea of being exposed for it is a violation they will not tolerate. The government isn’t reading your tirades against Ann Coulter, but if this is the only thing that makes Americans question authority, I’ll take it. The story is already dying, but there is one crucial detail I haven’t seen appear anywhere in the news. On December 15th, 2013, 60 Minutes did the most “obsequious” story they’ve ever done. The segment was guest-hosted by a former FBI employee and was basically a PSA for the NSA. There was no criticism whatsoever, and it played more like an employee-training seminar on all the great work the NSA does and how crucial they are to our survival. On December 16th, a judge declared that the NSA program is “likely unconstitutional.” Isn’t anyone concerned that America’s most-watched news show did a seemingly government-sponsored piece that essentially said, “The NSA has everything under control” the day before a judge said the NSA is out of control? Soon after the piece aired, the higher-ups rewarded the host with a cushy job running the NYPD’s Intelligence Division. These are all coincidences? This is the same CBS show, by the way, that did a whole segment on the oppression of Coptic Christians in Egypt but made no mention of the one who made an anti-Muslim movie and was thrown in jail. Look, I have a day job and three kids I have to support. Can’t any of you real journalists get to the bottom of this? There’s more to reporting than bitching about what teenagers say on Twitter. Do your fucking job!

So we have two filmmakers who made the president look bad. One went to jail and the other is facing jail time. We have an IRS that targets conservatives and a media that puts a Republican traffic jam over Democrats supplying guns to kill Mexicans and ignoring attacks on American soil. The government doesn’t just have the media at their disposal; they send their employees to host the shows. Despite all this Orwellian Stalinism, we repeatedly give the state the benefit of the doubt. We even give them our children. Noticing bizarre coincidences like this used to be reserved for paranoid nuts, but “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” You know a presidency is going bad when the nuts on the right are the only sane ones left. TC mark


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