This Is My Response To What’s-Her-Name

The law professor I was on Huffpo with wrote a scathing slam-dunk of an essay, which puts me in my place for being scared of empowered women.

Here’s a tip: If you want to make an argument, don’t invent emotions for your opponent. You know who’s scared of empowered women? Nobody. I live in the real world. If a female CEO comes on a project and wants to kick ass and she know what she’s doing, the first emotion I would have would be more akin to “thrilled.” That’s how everyone feels. You know why? Because we have kids and we want to make money to pay our bills. This is the biggest problem with the left. They assume the rest of us are obsessed with isms but our “obsessions” rarely go beyond the needs of our immediate families.

I wasn’t talking about women in the workforce who are meant to be there. I was talking about the dozens of women I know who elbowed their way into jobs they don’t really want. I was talking about the women who put career over family out of some sort of cultural feminist obligation and regret it. I live in New York, an elephant’s graveyard for ovaries and virtually every 40 something I know is desperately trying to reverse time and get back the baby-making years.

Here’s the cold biological truth: (And it’s not based on fear or sexism or anything else you like to argue about in a classroom) Women’s bodies are not as good at making babies after 30. The hourglass turns upside down at that age and the sand keeps coming out until 35 when it is gone. Yes, I know you can still make babies after that. My mother had my brother at 40 and my youngest boy came out when my wife was 39. These are EXCEPTIONS. Liberals seem to think that one piece of anecdotal evidence completely wipes out mountains of evidence to the contrary. When discussing the vast majority of women, they TEND to prefer family to career and they TEND to want to make babies and they TEND to need to create them in their 20s / early 30s. This isn’t my opinion. It’s a general truth and the fact that simply stating it is controversial, shows how far the pendulum has swung into Crazy Town.

PS: Go fuck yourself. TC mark

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