17 Important Reminders For A Healthy And Fulfilling Life

kevin dooley
kevin dooley

In my not-too-many years of living on this earth, I’ve learned a thing or two about life. Here are the most important things:

1. Never ever take sleep for granted but sleep lots and whenever you can.

2. Live for things and people that are worth getting up early for.

3. Educated yourself. Not just in school, you know, learn things on your own. Research everything and learn things no one would ever expect you to know.

4. Never give up on yourself. Accept your mistakes and flaws, but live. Never lose yourself in the face of life. You’re stronger than you think you are.

5. Talk to yourself in the mirror. All the time. Do it. Say whatever the fuck you want.

6. Never belittle yourself in the face of…anything. Never.

7. Money is an object you can live without. Money isn’t the ultimate goal in life: so spend money and make a happy living while doing something you’re passionate about.

8. Workout and release endorphins. Workout however you want: power lifting, yoga, pilates, tennis, what have you. Just do it.

9. Listen to whatever kind of music that makes you happy. Bluegrass? Go for it, muthafucka. Never restrain yourself to any specific type of music, though, explore.

10. Stand your ground. Argue with people about the dumbest shit, but prove that you’re right. Never back down and never budge. Don’t go with the crowd. Everyone’s drinking and you don’t want to? Don’t. Everyone’s wearing red? Wear blue. Do whatever the fuck makes you happy, no matter what people think of you.

11. Find your home. Whatever home means to you, find it. Some people’s home is travelling — travelling is their home. Some people’s home is their house, and other’s home is a person or a group of people. Find your home and never leave it.

12. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Who cares what people think? Dress for yourself. Look weird and different.

13. Act classy. Whatever classy looks like to you, act it. And remember that your classy may not be someone else’s classy. It’s relative.

14. Watch more TV than you can keep up with.

15. Dream and believe in your dreams.

16. Be passionate. About anything and everything? Card tricks, yo-yo’s, music, literature, sports, singing, clowns, pants, it doesn’t matter. Just be passionate and never let anyone tell you your passion doesn’t matter.

17. Love. Love more than you possibly can. Love hard. Love with all your heart. Love more than your heart can handle. Love so much that it hurts. Tell people you love them and say it loud. Say it for no reason. Just love. Love, passion, faith, and the will to live are the keys to life, in my opinion.

But what do I know? I’m a stressed and exhausted measly college student who just wants to sleep forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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